Friday, September 19, 2014

Justin Faust - Spellbound (Debut Album)

It's not everyday you come across an artist like Justin Faust. Premiered on HYPETRAK, TODAY the German producer share full stream of the album 'Spellbound' via Discotexas. 

Fresh off his debut album with release of single "Spellbound" and a remix of the track by NTEIBINT, Faust can't stay off the radar. With catchy tunes like "Girl Talk" and Nu Disco hits like "Spellbound", the prolific Justin Faust commands the dance floor. Listen to the full album below.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

PROM is a band - Flickers

Premiered with Billboard, dream pop Brooklyn outfit PROM is a band are beyond human with sensational tune "Flickers". Their inventive percussion and inspirational instrumentation breaks down the conventional structures of sound. 

Now signed to Ghost Beach's Crazy Heart Records Ella Zollar & Gabriel Stanley, a duo of epic proportions stay true to their promise of influencing new age dream wave music. Listen below.

Sirma - Instincts EP

Flooding the gates with alternative electronica, New York City artist Sirma announces debut EP 'Instincts'. Profound cinematic elements and cutting edge vocals are deeply rooted her the four-track EP. Drawing inspiration from Bjork, Sirma emerges with grace in her adventurous arrangements of modern electronic. An ode to the strength of a female voice, Sirma's 'Instincts' EP is ambient as it is diverse.
Listen below.

Movement I, II & III - Lapalux

It's game-over with track "Movement I, II & III" (via Brainfeeder) by the UK's Lapalux. Under the moniker of DJ Lapalux short for "Lap of Luxury", Essex bedroom-based producer Stuart Howard creates an mixture of electronic and Hip-Hop textures. Experience blissful ambiance with expressive hit "Movement I, II & III". Listen below.


The poster child of happy aquatic music and Jersey Club member DOLPHIN TEARS shares track "Drank" from his forthcoming EP. 

Sampling T-Pain's "Buy You a Drank" and Kendrick Lamar's "Swimming Pool", Dolphin Tears gets things poppin' with his genre-breaking club banger. No one can see you cry underwater, nothing but tears of joy with this dope little number. 
Listen below.

Poolside & Fatnotronic - Onda

Taken from La.Ga.Sta.'s Late Summer Compilation Vol. 4, Poolside & Fatnotronic unite in mesmerizingly trendy number "Onda". Poolside (Filip Nikolic and Jeffrey Paradise) inserts their signature daytime disco sounds. 

While the dance floor killers, Fatnotronic (Phillip A. + DJ Gorky) turn up the funk and astounds us with soulful vocals. 
Poolside & Fatnotronic is one of the coolest collaborations since sliced bread. Listen below.

Venice (Bearson Remix)

Just a few months back TILT delivered you  it's first Bearson ear candy remix with "Nothin On My Mind". Now for your September autumn summer vibes we give you "Venice". This 19 year old from Norway has his production with remixes on lock. - Desire Ann


Moving beyond the threshold of predicability, the Brooklyn-based producer/rapper DRIGS emerges with self-titled debut EP. 

Comprised of 6 dimensional tracks, the Harlem born artist thrives in the art of versatility, each track revealing who he is. Drawing from his New York City up-bringing, the 90s’ highly influenced ‘DRIGS' and made its definitive mark on his signature sound. 

His impeccable lyricism and solid beats put any doubts to rest. DRIGS is monopolizing R&B and Hip-Hop, prepare for the next wolf of NYC.