Thursday, July 24, 2014

Azad Right - Hello

Up top is the brand new music video from a very good man that goes by the name of Azad Right. The video offers a perfect glimpse of summer with the Los Angeles based artist as he squirts guns at hot girls washing his car, travels around the globe with his boys, and just does his thing which he does well. "Hello" is an anthem to all of us young hustlers enjoying every moment of working nonstop towards a vision. Enjoy it.

Karasho x Lqd Hrmny - Hera

Future drums are invading techno and two Italians are on this train. Not quite four on the floor, while not nearly outer space, the experimental sounding "Hera" offers a glitchy take on ambient vibes.

Both familiar to outside-the-box sounds, Karasho and Lqd Hrmny team up for a chilled out production offering some very easy listening. Rising strings and Karasho’s coined lead melody all present a unique alternative to compliment Lqd’s jagged drum line. Not all tracks are made for the dance floor, and this might just be perfect for anything but. Take it with you the rest of the summer and smile. :)

The Weeknd - Often (Free n Losh Remix)

Currently sipping an iced orange soda in the middle of the desert somewhere with my shades on listening to this Free n Losh remix of The Weekend's "Often" and everything is how it should be. There are cute girls everywhere. I should probably stop writing about music and go talk to some. But right now it's time to jump in the pool and make a big splash. :)

Sean Kingston - Take You There (Follow Me Remix)

I love Follow Me so much. That's all I have to say here.

Kidd Upstairs - All About It

After dropping three well received singles off of his upcoming 'KVSHMIR II' album, Kidd Upstairs continues to show his consistency letting the world know that he is "All About It".

The haunting, gladiator-theme banger continues Kidd's recent streak of self-produced instrumentals, as his schizophrenic flow narrates his newfound attention from the opposite sex. A chilling chorus rounds out this anthem for the admirers.

Doley Bernays - Prey


Following last year's critically acclaimed 'Just In Case' EP, Bronx rapper Doley Bernays is excited to share the first track from his upcoming 'Bond Place Hotel' EP. The five song EP will be self-released on August 26th. After creating much of 'Just In Case' with producer MP Williams, Doley saw 'Bond Place Hotel' to fruition with Jordan Evans and Matthew Burnett (of Eminem's "Not Afraid" and Drake's "Pound Cake" fame). Speaking about the origin of their collaboration, Doley said, "I'd connected with Jordan Evans and Matthew Burnett for the song 'Drown' on Just In Case, and one day I got up and flew to Toronto to get my mind right from the Bronx. I ended up locking in with Jordan for about 6 sessions altogether, and made a bunch of tracks."

Now Doley is sharing "Prey", the first taste of their recent work together, as well as its Beth Hiley-designed artwork via Billboard.

TONIGHT! All Mine + L.A.T.H.C. Presents 'TOUCH' w/ Falcons x Hoodboi (B2B DJ Set)

If you're in Los Angeles tonight there's only one place you should be... 'TOUCH' is the first night from the homies at All Mine. Falcons and Hoodboi are going B2B headlining with DJ Tricks aka TR!CK$, The Red Baron and local Lord Pidjeon supporting. Shit's gonna be wild. Get tickets here.

RÜFÜS - Sundream (TÂCHES Remix)

I have back-stalked TÂCHES on social media harder than the last guy that never called me back. I've been through all his/her Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pictures and still can't seem to pinpoint who TÂCHES is.

I've narrowed it down to a few possibilities: 

Theory #1: TÂCHES is a very beautiful Scandinavian girl who, despite her good looks, has lived a very troubling life full of heartbreak and despair. Like Taylor Swift... but like not at all. 

Theory #2: TÂCHES is an 8 year old lad in the UK who's hiding his age and identity in order to be taken more seriously as an artist. 

Theory #3: TÂCHES is your mom. She's been very bored since you graduated from high school and took up DJing in your basement while you were at college getting drunk.

Theory #4: TÂCHES isn't a "person" because the artist wants his or her audience to focus on the music. I'm most partial to this last theory because I've always felt uncomfortable with the entire crowd at festival or show faces the "rockstar" DJ at the front.

At the end of the day (or this blog post) it doesn't really matter who TÂCHES because everything that's been popping up on TÂCHES's SoundCloud is on point.

TÂCHES's latest remix of Australian trio, RÜFÜS's "Sundream" is a dream itself. 

I'm a huge fan of RÜFÜS and firm believer that there's a direct correlation between the number of funky looking european letters you use in a song title and the quality of the song... so this one's an ace in my book. 

TÂCHES: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter