Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Adventure Club - Gold (Candyland & REVOKE Remix)

"Stay gold, Ponyboy. Stay gold." - Johnny, The Outsiders

This one is a no brainer: my favorite literary quote + Adventure Club (I cried when they played "Wonder" live) = amazing original track.

But then it got better because Candyland and REVOKE threw down a remix. Check in and stay gold.

Candyland: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter
Revoke: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter
Adventure Club: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter

FortuneWest - Old Friends (EP)

Cory Wilson aka FortuneWest is an American Hip-Hop and Electronic producer based out of Philadelphia, PA. Cory started producing music music in 2009 in Drexel University while enrolled for music production. His production style continues to grow and evolve with each new release, melding his diverse musical background into a focused sound. FortuneWest is also one half of the production team “BmbuWEST” with fellow Philadelphia producer John “Bmbu” Alsace, who we've featured here before and who's featured on one of the tracks below...

The man just dropped a very cool EP called 'Old Friends' with 8 tracks in total. It's a perfect ride through classic-feeling Hip-Hop, which seems to be very abundant from the Philly guys. Definitely getting nothing but good vibes from these guys out there. A few jams below, full stream on FortuneWest's SoundCloud!

Marz Léon - Fire

Last night was like Christmas Eve after I saw the tweet from Marz Léon that she was dropping another cut off her debut EP today. And pushing play on the stream of "Fire" was not unlike opening a beautifully wrapped present. Production-wise, "Fire" is a deeper, softer sounding song than her previous "L O N E R" that hit hard as you should know. I love the way Marz shares her experience with individuality, sexuality, and what we'd probably call 'love' in these songs. She's easily my favorite female artist out here, and if I were to guess at this upcoming release, I'd say we're really in store for a timeless EP that will truly represent a new generation of women...

Tiger La - Now You Know (Bobby Green Remix)

New York’s Bobby Green is back again this summer with his signature upbeat electro-pop sound. After releasing his highly-acclaimed Sean Michael Murray-assisted “Changing Me” original, which reached #2 on the Hype Machine charts last month, the red bandana wearing producer is now linking back up with London's Tiger La to remix her single “Now You Know”. The two artists have worked together on several occasions before: the first time on “Velvet Queen” which they shot a music video for, and also on Tiger La’s “Deadly Rhythm”. Now, for their third time crossing paths on “Now You Know”, fans of the two young artists are in for another unforgettably fun experience. 

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Wonderful Humans - Edge Of The Night (T&A Brigade Remix)

Wow. Sitting here listening to a favorite of mine, T&A Brigade, and his brand new remix of another favorite of mine, Wonderful Humans. I love when this happens. T&A Brigade did his thing here. I'm kind of at a loss for words...

What doesn't this remix have? It's got some incredibly sexy sax work, for one. The original's vocals remain completely intact, yes. An incredibly wonderful tropical lead. Some fruity bongo drums just for kicks. And one of the coolest, breeziest yet heaviest beats I've heard from T&A yet. This is the one. Really, this is the one. Hope you enjoy it!

Survivor - Eye Of The Tiger (MOTv Remix)

I wrote here recently that I've been blown away by the quality of remixes coming out these days. These producers out here are really doing the most, taking classics and turning them into something completely brand new while at the same time totally familiar and relatable. I know this isn't a new thing at all, but it's unbelievable how far this has all come. 

MOTv are up next with their remix of Survivor's classic "Eye Of The Tiger", in which they've flipped the original and turned it into a seriously awesome progressive house tune with all the perfect bells and whistles. They killed this. Just go ahead!

TILT Premiere: Fabes - Red Cup ft. Jah (prod. Stewart Villain)

HIMG artist Fabes released his newest single "Red Cup" featuring Jah available today on iTunes. Produced by Stewart Villain, "Red Cup" shows Fabes' versatility as an artist, mixing that Bay sound with soulful R&B. We've got the first listen on it below. Go ahead.

Comets We Fall - Together We Are (Feat. Coleman Trapp)

This song is perfect... So perfect that I showed it to my 89 year old Dutch grandmother and she loved it.

It's like Arty's "Together We Are" meets deep disco with insanely catchy lyrics and a fat bassline. So thank you Comets We Fall for making all my deep disco dreams come true (▰˘◡˘▰)

Comets We Fall: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter