Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Afrojack ft. Wrabel - Ten Feet Tall (Brito Remix)

Electro is completely hit-or-miss now, and has been for probably a couple, maybe few years... Brito makes the kind that hits. Take his new remix of Afrojack & Wrabel's "Ten Feet Tall". It's simple, really. It's classic. It's perfect. It makes me feel like this kind of music still stands a chance. Take a listen below and let us know what you think. Can you still feel it?

BRAND NEW: Roman Austin - Ask About Me

Premiering over at HOF today is a new track from Sacramento, CA-based producer/songwriter/performer, Roman Austin. "Ask About Me" really caught us a bit off guard when we heard it. Roman's production and vocals on this one deliver a sweet alternative R&B get-down. And the opening line, "Girl you a dyke cuz your boyfriend's a bitch," should probably go down in history. It's a sexy-time tune, no doubt about it. Check out the stream and free download below. Turn it up loud and let us know what you think!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Brokechella Ft. Chippy Nonstop

Recently, we posted about Brokechella lineup and what to expect,  but we have just got word that Chippy Nonstop has been added to the Brokechella lineup. Chippy Nonstop is not the conventional rapper, but has created a natural brand that is worthy of praise. In my opinion a fresh take on female rapping with a very unique style, and a live performance you must see. Her performances are energetic and have been known to bring out the rump shaking side out of girls and boys alike. We recently spoke to Chippy, and had a few questions for her.

Word on the street is you're working on an album? How has the process been for you and what can we expect from this release?

Chippy: Hi! How are you? Yes, I am working on an album. It's taking longer than I anticipated. LOL. It's weird, because I make music really fast and release it fast so holding on to music gives me so much anxiety, but it's fun, just working on music and not playing that many shows I guess. I'm just excited to finish it, put it out and tour. It's going to be really refined compared to my old stuff. A lot of pop sounding tracks, but also a lot of interesting, different tracks. It's going to be a full rounded fun album with some surprising elements of songs with actual depth and content. I think all my old songs don't really have any substantial content or a message other then like ; ' I don't give a fuck let's just have fun' which is a good message, but when working on an album I wanted to be more personal, vulnerable and maybe even make slight impact if I can.

We noticed you have been partying with Kreayshawn lately, can we expect one of your music videos directed by Kreayshawn?

Chippy: I mean, I haven't really been partying with Kreayshawn lately, we went to Skrillex Birthday party, but that was the extent of the partying. But she is a really close friend of mine and I love her. I think I'm going to get her on a song on the album, I like working with her a lot and with friends in general. I really want her to do one of my videos for the album for sure. 

You have said that you cook Tandoori Chicken. Are you a secretly talented chef?

Chippy: Lmao! Well...my mom is literally the best cook ever. She forced me to learn how to cook a bunch of stuff before I moved out. I wouldn't really say I am a talented chef, but I mean I can cook a pretty good meal. 

Swizz beats had begun to follow you on twitter, what artist has got you the most excited because they started to follow you on twitter?

Chippy: Skrillex. LOL

Finally Verified was a huge success and Bang Bang was a standout track on the EP, what inspired that track?

Chippy: I don't know if 'Finally Verified' was a huge success, but thanks. Bang Bang is my favorite track on the album. I don't I had been going into the studio with Felix for a while and he just played that beat for me, because he knew I liked 'ethnic' sounding beats, so he played that. I always say that when I like someone I would literally do anything for them, theres not much depth to that song. I like reggeaton and I guess I'm a self proclaimed 'ride of die chick' in the song. Lol 

You recently remixed a Reggeaton song titled Rakata by Wisin and Yandel, what made you decide to go in that direction and are their future projects to be on songs with dem bow beats?

Chippy:Um...Basically I just got a new microphone in my room and I wanted to record something and I just like that song. It wasn't really something I over thought. I'm just obsessed with that song and I made it. So far there aren't any reggaeton-ish sounding stuff. 
I might try to sneak one in there though..Lmao . 

You will be performing at Brokechella, what can a new fan expect from your performance?

Chippy: I would like to think that my live show is the best part of me, as an artist. If you didn't 'understand' me before after seeing my live show and how much I care about it, how much it excites me and how much I put into it, I feel like if you don't understand why I am doing this after watching me live, you probably just have no heart...lol. My live show is something I put everything into and I hope that's transparent to people even if they don't really like the music, they appreciate my energy. 

You will be on the same bill with the M|O|D crew at Brokechella, how has it been performing and partying with the M|O|D crew?

Chippy: Well I'm dating one of them, so we are all mostly really close...... lol...hope he doesn't kill me for saying this......*oops*  They are all amazing and extremely talented people though and I've grown really close with them. I really hope this year they thrive as much as they deserve to, they are literally one of the best people and talented producers I've been around...and trust me I've been around A LOT. 
Anything you want to tell your fans?

Chippy: Love you! <3 and stay happy and positive, even though I always have a hard time staying at a positive energy, I will always try to bring myself up for my fans and always keep making music and thriving for them and myself. <3
Luv xoxo Chip

We Are Toonz - Drop That NaeNae (Danger Ultra Trap Remix)

One of the greatest things about following dope remix artists is that you'll discover equally dope original artists. As is the case with the homie Danger Ultra and his new remix of We Are Toonz' "Drop That NaeNae". Scope the original if you're like me and hadn't heard it yet. Shit's straight looney.

Danger kept the original pretty much intact with his remix. His just hits a little bit harder. Go ahead!

TILT Premiere: Android Automatic - Future Eyes (EP)

You know why I love Android Automatic so much? His music and his imagery always takes me straight back to the glory days of synth-pop and Valerie Collective and those moods evoked that actually reflect TILT too, which makes this premiere all the more special. 

Detroit-based Android Automatic's debut EP, 'Future Eyes', is packed full of retro-influenced tunes, taking the listener back in time to a place where John Hughes' films ruled the silver screen and the Lamborghini Countach was the prime choice for night cruising along the coast... 

Even though AA's style is heavily 80s influenced, the man behind the moniker, Michael Gene, adds an element of modern composition, which is sure to please fans of both retro and modern music genres.

The opening cut, "Neon Waves", is drenched in synth. With its sharp leads, throbbing bass lines, and catchy synth melodies, the tune takes listeners on a wild adventure that just might include jet skis and palm trees.

Up next is the title track "Future Eyes". In just over three minutes, Android Automatic demonstrates his passion for the New Retro Wave genre. The breakdowns and choruses propel this track to a whole new level of melancholy. A perfect song for an 80s film about breaking up.

Android Automatic picks up the tempo by introducing readers and listeners to "Out of My Head", the only track on the release with vocals. Using a vocoder to verbally express himself, Michael sings about past relationships and the regret that is sometimes felt after a break up. Even though it is a heartfelt, break-up tune, it still rocks.  His modern day beat composition adds a really cool element to the mix, which also accompanies the driving bass nicely.

Last up, the closer to 'Future Eyes', "The Class of 1986." All I can say is nostalgia, nostalgia, nostalgia! While listening to this track, you may just forget that it is the year 2014. From the first note to the last, beautiful synth landscapes and swirling melodies remind us of much simpler times; A place in history where big hair brought envy and jealousy; A time where Z. Cavaricci jeans and Oakley sunglasses filled people's closets, just waiting to be worn for a trip to the local mall.

Take a trip down memory lane with 'Future Eyes' and you may just never want to come back... Most of the EP is free for a limited time on Android Automatic's SoundCloud. Be sure to follow him on Facebook, and if you like what you hear, show him some support by picking up the EP on iTunes!

TILT Spotlight: Elizabeth Rose

Having been dubbed "Next Big Thing" at the SMAC Radio Awards and seeing her self-titled EP reach #1 on iTunes' Electronic Chart in her native Australia, Elizabeth Rose is setting out to spread her music to the rest of the world and today she announced a North American and European tour. Kicking off April 28th right here in Los Angeles at School Night, Elizabeth's 11-date tour includes shows in New York, Toronto, London & Berlin.

Elizabeth Rose is known to have an impressive list of collaborations, including tracks with UK producer Sinden and breakthrough duo Flight Facilities. She produces electronic pop songs that are at once bright and moody, layering catchy melodies against shimmering synths and pulsing beats. 

After sharing the official video for her hit single "Sensibility" back in February, Elizabeth Rose reveals the TOKiMONSTA remix today. TOKi's remix gives the song a lo-fi bass flavor that still showcases Elizabeth's gorgeous vocals. Check that and the video below if you missed it.

DON'T MISS: Destiny's Child - Bills, Bills, Bills (LOLO BX Bootleg)

If you know me or follow TILT at all, then you might be familiar with these two guys from Australia that go by the name of LOLO BX. The duo are fresh by all means, from their sounds to their style.

Last week they delivered a brand new remix. Not gonna lie, I was pretty ecstatic when I saw that it was a Destiny's Child mix. I love me all three of these women and the music they used to make. LOLO BX's take on "Bills, Bills, Bills" promises their signature alternative dance music sound. There's lots of bouncy-bass action, cool clicks to snap your fingers to and, of course, those words we Destiny's Child fans all know and love to sing.

So grab ya girls. The stream and download are below.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Brokechella 2014 [EVENT]

These days musical festivals have become huge and grown to many different events. Coachella is one of the biggest events and has expanded to two weekends. Seems these days that only the wealthy can afford Coachella, and at a price that almost hits $400, there has to be a better alternative. Thankfully, if your in the Los Angeles area and have $20 you can experience a festival at a fraction of the price of Coachella. Brokechella is your solution to good music, memories, and food. The lineup is stacked with great talent from the Hip Hop Stage, DJ Stage, and bands stage. Let's not even forget the many comedians who are also on board for the fun. I honestly can't find something as culturally relevant and organic as Brokechella in Los Angeles. Amazing artists will be rocking all the stages. From picking which food truck to eat at and which stages and artists to see, it can be a little overwhelming in an awesome way. So make sure to get your Broke Pass [HERE]

Here's some tunes you can expect to hear at Brokechella: