Thursday, July 24, 2014


Even though I'm not a man, if RiFF RAFF or Meaux Green are teaching lessons on how to be the man, then I'm taking notes. 

Brushing up on the lyrics on

I really appreciate whoever took the time to add this GIF of cute kittens to the breakdown of the meaning of the  lyrics

RiFF RAFF's vines have gotten me through many sleepless nights when I'm bored and no one else is up to talk to. I think he's hilarious and therefore I'm picking up whatever he's putting down.  "How To Be The Man" is my favorite track off Neon Icon ("Kokayne" is a close second) so I'm pretty amped on this remix.

Meaux Green takes Jody Highroller to an even higher level. It's "rave-hop"... I love it.

Free download: RiFF RAFF - How To Be The Man (MEAUX GREEN REMiX)

P.S. did anyone else catch RiFF RAFF chillin backstage at EDC? *as if he was a real boy* Taking a helicopter with Diplo and whatever... Guess that was just Jody showing us how to be the man.

Meaux Green: Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter
RiFF RAFF: Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter

Porter Robinson - The Seconds Ft. Jano (NGHTMRE & Davey Gray Remix)

Porter Robinson would be a lot more【=◈‿◈=】and less【=◈︿◈=】if he listened to NGHTMRE and Davey Gray's remix of his song "The Seconds".

NGHTMRE: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter
Davey Gray: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter

Princess Nyah - Champion (Music Video)

"OH NYAH..."

Sexy and talented Princess Nyah just dropped the official video for her "Champion" single which we shared last month. In the clip, we see Nyah singing in dancing in a few very enticing outfits in what looks like an incredibly majestic paradise. Definitely worth the watch. Go ahead!

Azad Right - Hello

Up top is the brand new music video from a very good man that goes by the name of Azad Right. The video offers a perfect glimpse of summer with the Los Angeles based artist as he squirts guns at hot girls washing his car, travels around the globe with his boys, and just does his thing which he does well. "Hello" is an anthem to all of us young hustlers enjoying every moment of working nonstop towards a vision. Enjoy it.

Karasho x Lqd Hrmny - Hera

Future drums are invading techno and two Italians are on this train. Not quite four on the floor, while not nearly outer space, the experimental sounding "Hera" offers a glitchy take on ambient vibes.

Both familiar to outside-the-box sounds, Karasho and Lqd Hrmny team up for a chilled out production offering some very easy listening. Rising strings and Karasho’s coined lead melody all present a unique alternative to compliment Lqd’s jagged drum line. Not all tracks are made for the dance floor, and this might just be perfect for anything but. Take it with you the rest of the summer and smile. :)

The Weeknd - Often (Free n Losh Remix)

Currently sipping an iced orange soda in the middle of the desert somewhere with my shades on listening to this Free n Losh remix of The Weekend's "Often" and everything is how it should be. There are cute girls everywhere. I should probably stop writing about music and go talk to some. But right now it's time to jump in the pool and make a big splash. :)

Sean Kingston - Take You There (Follow Me Remix)

I love Follow Me so much. That's all I have to say here.

Kidd Upstairs - All About It

After dropping three well received singles off of his upcoming 'KVSHMIR II' album, Kidd Upstairs continues to show his consistency letting the world know that he is "All About It".

The haunting, gladiator-theme banger continues Kidd's recent streak of self-produced instrumentals, as his schizophrenic flow narrates his newfound attention from the opposite sex. A chilling chorus rounds out this anthem for the admirers.