Saturday, February 28, 2015

Traxxx Romay - Kitty Kats & Big Faces (KniteWerk

Traxxx Romay just released a new EP entitled "Kitty Kats & Big Faces" via KnightWerk Recs with six original tracks and seven remixes from some amazing artists! Everything on this EP is great to say the least; each track has a strong producer accompanied by Traxxx Romay's edgy vocals. Definitely go give the entire EP a listen, you will not be disappointed!

Our favorite track from the entire release is DJ Problem's remix of "H.B.I.C." This track immediately grabs your attention and gets straight to the point from there! Problem seamlessly blends a small cut of Traxxx's sexual vocals over a savage booty bounce track with that signature Brick Bandits sound! Do not sleep on DJ Problem!!

If you like the release, go buy it from the KnightWerk Recs. Bandcamp!

Isaac Treece

Friday, February 27, 2015

Ultra Music celebrates its' 20th Anniversary

Electronic music is one of the most evolving genres to date. Watching the edm scene transition from the beginning of underground scene to the larger than life status its’ at now, has been a journey for producers and fans alike. Ultra Music has been an influencer on edm since the beginning and continues to be relevant today. As of last year Ultra was at the forefront of chart toppers Kygo and Clean Bandit. Celebrating its’ 20th year in music, Ultra has gifted us with a 2-disc compilation of the best songs in dance music from 2014. Reminding us just how good of year it was for music, Ultra Dance 16 includes music from Dillion Francis, Clean Bandit, Justin Martin, Zeds Dead and many more. Available on iTunes, you can purchase the compilation today and be sure stream the minimix on Soundcloud.

DR.INK - Square One (Original Mix)

Coining the genre 'Future Glitch', the anonymous DR.INK's sounds lives up to the name. His latest release titled "Square One", is clean and original with a barrage of huge synths, video game sound effects and computer glitches. We are loving this crispy and deep track filled with elements from many different genres. Not many have stepped into this relm of production but DR.INK does it with class and mad style! Stream the tune above and grab your FREE DOWNLOAD while you can!

To stay posted on his future releases  be sure to give DR.INK some love via his Soundcloud to support. We are excited and looking forward to what this anonymous producer will turn out next!

Watermat & TAI - Frequency

Our favorite European's, Watermat and TAI, finally give us what we've been waiting for! Premiered on Pete Tong's BBC Radio 1 show, the duo's Deep House single has been highly anticipated. A Deep House tune filled with echoing vocals and gorgeous piano keys. Out on Spinnin' Deep, listen to the track on YouTube below and be sure to get your copy on March 30th.

Thursday, February 26, 2015



I’ve always appreciated the production value of Justin Faust. He knows how to put together a tasteful vibe of any genre – from any of his remixes to his growing library of originals – this Disco release on Nurvous Records sets an even higher precedence for things to come!

Casino Royale (Original Mix) opens the dance floor with a game show like trumpet driven fanfare. A sexy throwback to velvet furniture and corduroy everything. The groove would fit perfectly on the Vegas Strip as Danny Ocean and his 11 thieves rip off their next hit.

Bird Of Paradise (Original Mix) pushes the classy lounge textures even further. This track keeps a steady fretless bassline that is sure to get the room moving when it comes through the subs. Although it lacks any steel drum, the track has an exotic vacation feel to it. Again, very tasteful and upscale – but accessible.

Cuba (Original Mix) is the final track on this EP. It reminds me of the new Todd Terje releases – funky and clean. The mix would fit seamlessly in a street festival or deep down in a disco. This tune has a bit more oomph to the low end of it, so I can see this picking up commercially a bit more.

All in all – a great notch in the belt of Justin Faust. I can always appreciate a soulful release like this, swimming along in a world of brostep and TRVP. Looking forward to seeing how everyone else loves this EP, too.


Dirty Chocolate - 93 EP

Dirty Chocolate  - 93 

Dirty Chocolate has been working hard with the Moving Castle Collective to pump out some fresh new tunes. The latest release from Dirty Chocolate is his "93" EP and it's an instant favorite. A graphic designer with an act for evoking his artistic mind into his music, yet always keeping it fresh. Tracks like "Crystal Cavern" evoke deep and profound emotion, while "Emoji Girl' has this fresh style of confidence presented through the music. Memory Cards is a favorite here at the TILTmag HQ. Up beat and definitely instantly brings the vibe up of the whole EP. Hoping to hear this one at the club for sure! Support by commenting on his tracks or adding him via the links below.

Dirty Chocolate:


ANGELZ from Quebec has been garnering support from Destruco, Amine Edge & Dance and Shiba San recently, to name a few. His thumping spin on Day Dreamin from Lupe Fiasco fits right in with the G-House scene that has been on the rise the last few years. Although at first it sounds like a remix that someone just put vocal stems over an already made track, but then it blossoms, it still manages to pull in with a nice round sound. It doesn’t have any sharp edges like a lot of current UK inspired house or garage. Definitely develops into a fun, bouncy, yet ganagsta tune.

ANGELZ allegedly comes from a background of ghost-producing for hip-hop greats including the likes of 50 Cent and it’s always nice to see talent like that flow into other genres. Feel free to pick this track up as a free download over at ANGELZ SoundCloud – you’ll be sure to hear this at a residency near you.

Follow ANGELZ on 

-Justin Cornwall

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Preston Harris - Iloveyou (Hasta Remix)

Norway's finest up-and-coming, Hasta, has been on the rise over the last year. From saucy remixes to a variety of originals, Hasta has quickly been gaining recognition from peers and fans alike. Primarily remixing massive tunes like Jeremiah's "Birthday Sex", the young producer has now gone down a different path. Tackling a not-so mainstream tune by Preston Harris titled "Iloveyou", the ultra talented flips the tune into a sexy, laid back tune filled with echo-ing vocals, hypnotizing beats and illuminating instrumentals. Stream the track below, enjoy!

Check out our TILTmag fav from HASTA!

Monday, February 23, 2015

argonaut&wasp - Future Protocol

Indie-Electronic group, argonaut&wasp, recently released their EP Future Protocol. The EP song package is filled with four unique tunes that stand on their own yet cohesively flow together. The first track, "Higher Ground", is MGMT 2.0. The tune's style incorporates prominent electronic elements while keeping the classic indie guitar elements and vocalistic style. Secondly, "Stranger Lover" is much more soulful and R&B inspired. Each varying in pace, these four tracks are a must listen to and perfect to listen to in any situation. These up-and-comings are definitely ones to watch. Stream the EP below, enjoy!


Swerve Squad is a team of innovative producers based out of Los Angeles, CA.  Their roster is full of MVP's, such as: AWERAINOH CEE ROSSMURPHYLORD OLAF, and YUNG ORCA! The best part about it all, the oldest person in the crew is 21 years old. On February 27th they will be making their debut online release with [SS001], featuring Rainoh Cee Ross and Murphy. We can not label these two tracks with any genre restricting names... you just have to listen for yourself. Both tracks will have your ears glued to the multitude of flawless production from beginning to end.

"Lost Squadron" by Rainoh Cee Ross is a melodic masterpiece that takes aspects of many genres and blends them into a beautifully tough beat that keeps you moving. RCR's production is very diverse and this track displays that perfectly; there is no limitation to the distinct French influence he brings to his work.

"Squad Up" by Murphy is the anthem! Just bump this on a good sound system and you will understand. Incorporating deep Dubstep sounding basses to his iconic glitchy drum patterns and sample chopping makes this track an all around banger. Murphy is a beast with everything he does in his productions, he definitely has a sound nobody can replicate and knows what direction to take his music. 

These guys are just getting started and we know they are about swerve all the way to the top! Keep your eyes on Swerve Squad and visit their website to preorder the upcoming release. 

Isaac Treece.


Melbourne to Los Angeles transplants, Miami Horror, have recently released a contender for a summer mixtaple staple.. and it’s only February! They’re back at it and teasing their new album with the release of “Love Like Mine ft. Cleopold”. If you’re in the Los Angeles music scene, you’ve no doubt ran into one of the 5 members on a night out. These guys are a clear reflection of their upbeat, playful, funky disco. “Love Like Mine” features their buddy Cleopold, a fellow Aussie dancesmith, who has collaborated and remixed Miami Horror in the past.

“Love Like Mine” reminds me of something that I’d hear while crusing the roller rink at Moonlight Rollerway in Glendale on a warm summer evening. Or hiding from the heat under an umbrella on a resort beach in.. Miami? Yeah. It splits the trendy mold of dark and deep dance music that has been clogging the virtual highway lately – it may take a play or two, but this earworm should rub you the right way if you allow it to. The guitar driven melody runs through lyrics praising a love, but also teases that we’ll never have a “Love Like Mine”. After this release, I’m geared up for the full album from Miami Horror and what’s sure to be a busy year for them.

-Justin Cornwall

Alfred English - Lovers And Friends (FREE DL)

Alfred English is literally going to break the internet one day... HE IS EVERYWHERE ON THE WORLD WIDE WEB AT ALL TIMES! His URL and IRL presence is something you can not miss. Lately he has been uploading a track or two a week, and they are all impressively addictive. This track is a flip of the classic "Lovers And Friends" by Usher, Ludacris, and Lil Jon. Alfred stays true to the original R&B feel of the track but then  proceeds to transition into a chopped up Club rendition of the original song's melody accompanied by some vocal samples that give this remix a great modern twist. He definitely has the perfect balance of hilarity and seriousness to his production and that is what makes every upload so entertaining! 

Check out Alfred's Soundcloud for a constant feed of great music! He also is an amazing artist, check out some of his stuff. This is just the beginning of the vast body of work he has to offer; there is no stopping Alfred English!

Isaac Treece.


Just Dre is a secret weapon that more people need to know about. Listen to this track and you will understand why...
This guy has got Jersey Club on lock; utilizing the rap songs he produces to flip them into HUGE Jersey Club anthems seems almost unbelievable because he makes it all seem so simple! Dre takes motifs from club music and uses them to his advantage with iconically crisp vocal chops and choruses hold it all together to replicate a typical rap remix. This is far from just any normal remix, you can tell how much time Just Dre puts into every aspect of his production and has the mind of a great studio producer combined with the roots of a New Jersey native in the Jersey Club movement!

Keep your eyes on this guy... you will not be disappointed!

Isaac Treece.

Solheiro - Last Minute Winner (Original Mix)

Opening with a playful dance of light synths, ‘Last Minute Winner’ helps you feel like you’re on a sailboat going through a kaleidoscope. We are feelin this different take on Nu Disco out of Mexico.  Solheiro seems to have cemented himself within a sound of his own, which is getting a great response from the masses. The bouncy vibe and clockwork claps keep this disco jam churning till the last beat.

It provides a ray of hope with optimistic lyrics. The vocalist isn’t credited, perhaps it’s Solheiro himself? They play a background role in this track, but definitely bring it all in. In the future hopefully we can hear some awesome collaborations with professional vocalists. I feel like it would really tie this type of sound together. A good teaser of things to come – Solheiro is on my watch list for this year!

Check out one another of our favorites! This is a great Nu Disco flip of Loyal! This time the smooth vocals are provided by Eastside. Just a little something to get you prepped for this Spring. Vibes for days!

-Justin Cornwall

Saturday, February 21, 2015

TILTmag Guestmix #38 - MARVELiTO

TILTmag Guest Mix #38 - MAVELiTO

1. White Iverson - Post Malone
2. Counting Up - Johny May Cash
3. WDYW - Dj Carnage Ft. Lil Uzi Vert
4. Foreign - Young Thug
5. One Time - Migos
6. Pop That (Dj Swisha Sweet x Alfred Engish Remix) - Migos
7. Choppin Dat Work Like Karate (MARVELiTO Edit) - Future x Drippin x Kush Jones
8. Choppin (Gutta Remix) - Rae Sremmurd Ft. Riff Raff
9. Flicka Dat Wrist (Based Prince x HyDeF Remix) - Chedda Da Connect
10. No Days Off (Depressed Teenager Remix) - Fetty Wap
11. Bloko Bloko (Gucci Boo Remix) - Aquadrop Ft. Rayna
12. Peanut Butter (HyDeF Remix) - Scarlet Fever
13. The Body (Based Prince Remix) - Wale Ft. Jeremih
14. Milk Marie (Gutta x Trillzjay) - Rich gang
15. Only (SBF x QuanTheProducer) - Chris Brown
16. Want Some More (Trillzjay Remix) - Nicki Minaj
17. Take It - Astronomar x Sugar Shane
18. Something About You (Jace Mek Remix) - R-ASH
19. RedKup - Akeda
20. Im Zooted (Nate Kodi Edit) - Soulja Boy
21. Vegeta - Chiefs
22. Chief - Party Thieves x ATLiens
23. I Don't Like It - BnW

MARVELiTO from NYC recorded a mix for us that will have your head bobbin' the whole way through! 34 minutes full of rap anthems, club bangers, and everything in between keeps a fresh blend of innovative music fused with iconic tracks that anybody can vibe with. You can tell Marv has been in the game for a while and knows what the people want: creative high energy brought to the iconic sound of present day music. This guy has got the turntables on lock; transitions are smooth, perfect scratching skills, and he really utilizes tracks to bring out their full potential in a DJ set. This mix is 100% flawless

Marv has a lot going on in his world; he is an active member of the #RMG team, runs a weekly radio show called Required Mondays, was the First place winner of the 2013 Red Bull ThreeStyleU competition and plays an abundance of shows to grant the status of a MVP in his city! Follow MARVELiTO and bump this mix, we guarantee you will be feeling the vibes for all 34 minutes!

Isaac Treece.

JONAS RATHSMAN – WOLFSBANE (Method White Recordings)

Wolfsbane by Jonas Rathsman is the debut track on Disclosure’s Method White label (a brand new extension of their Method Records Label) and they’ve gone a dark deep route with the selection. Wolfsbane provides a shadowy cloak over a driven thump of a beat. It has a mysterious medieval energy to it – something you’d hear while exploring the catacombs of a wizard’s tower and I love it. The airy texture of the synth dances till you drop into a tubular bass sound. It’s refreshing to hear ‘deep’ house without a repeating wood block pattern.

I’m definitely hoping to hear this track on a dancefloor soon and I probably will given the support Disclosure has given it. It will be exciting to see how influencers with their own labels direct things, especially with brooding releases like Wolfsbane. It takes itself seriously without being overbearing or tacky about it. This track lends itself to a very tasteful and independent vein in the current world of house music.

- Justin Cornwall

Friday, February 20, 2015

Miles Prower - 'These Waves Between Us'

UK Electro/Synth- Pop sensation, Miles Prower, gives us his latest original "These Waves Between Us." Heavy 80's vibes, this modern take on the ultra cool era is filled with vintage synths, unique instrumentals and funky beats. A throwback style that anyone can vibe too! We love how Miles is following in the footsteps of the greats FM Attack, Futurecop! and The Valerie Collective. Miles Prower - Virtually Reality EP is out now, grab your copy today. Stream the tune below, enjoy!

Be sure to give Miles Prower some love via his Soundcloud, Facebook and Twitter!

Oh Wonder - All We Do (LYAR Remix)

Today we got some incredibly smooth vibes in our inbox from this amazing duo called  LYAR.  LYAR is a collaboration made up of two media arts students from Germany - Chris (20 years) and Phil (24 years)The group was established last last year in October. Like many artists, these two have found that when you are creative in one art form it can crossover into another. We are grateful they have found a muse in music making. They definitely bring something fresh and new to the dance music scene with their style. I can't believe they have come up with such great sounds in only 4-5 months!

Their vibes are very smooth but are textured with chops and vocal pitch bends that brings the sound full circle. Not to mention the synth production that is top notch. Building emotion with each stroke of the key. Definitely something you would hope and expect your DJ at the next pool party to play out while your soaking up the sun rays. 

We can't wait to see what the future holds for LYAR. We'll be sure to keep you posted. Until then be sure to give them some love via their Soundcloud, Twitter, and Facebook.

A little something to get you prepped for Spring Break! A mixtape and our favorite remix from the guys! 

Mike Woodward

Thursday, February 19, 2015

CLUB IHC Presents DJ Sliink - Joaquin Bartra - Gianni Lee - Swisha Sweet

This Friday, February 20th our buds at IHEARTCOMINX present Jersey Club King DJ SLIINK! He will be taking over The Last Pop Up in Hollywood with a few other top DJs like Joaquin Bartra, Gianni Lee and our writer and homie from the TILT Fam DJ Swisha Sweet! Click here for the FB Event or here for Tickets!

Jersey Club has been on the rise for some time and we have always supported. Bringing you exclusive sounds that has changed the dance music landscape. This lineup that Club IHC has put together has an incredible tag team of club music from Jersey, Philly and L.A.! Check out some of our favorite tunes you can expect to hear tomorrow!

DJ Jayhood just dropped this heat today! 

Mike Woodward

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Handsome Habibi - Ignition Refix


Handsome Habibi have been on fire with every release they have dropped. The duo delivers another refix of a classic R&B tune. The track features an acapella of R Kelly's Ignition tune, but gives it a fresh makeover. With this release they are clearly following in the hot footsteps of Giraffage, Trippy Turtle, DJ Sliink, featuring a bouncy Jersey Club style rhythm. The track features polished polyphonic synths that give the track depth teamed up with some solid vocal chops. Ultimately, the track is playful and contains a bouncy vibe that is infectious. 

Be sure to give them some love via the links below. Expect big things from these rising starts who have allegedly worked with artists like 2 Chainz to Korean Popstar G-Dragon. They are currently on tour and have toured around the globe as high demand DJs. We'll be sure to keep you posted on this duo doing big things.