Friday, January 30, 2015

LIGHTS - Running With the Boys **Leisure Cruise Remix**

Oh... Hello Friday! It's been a week since we last met and I couldn't be happier that you're back. It has unfortunately been much longer than that since I've written a TILTmag post. What was I thinking being away for this long?! Clearly I wasn't thinking at all. But enough about that and more about this fucking radical Leisure Cruise remix of Light's - Running With the Boys. Talk about a noteworthy track... this song has it all. It's been a great while since I've heard anything new that I can legitimately let loose to and forget about all of my surroundings. It causes the fucked up world around me to completely transform into a dream. "Just like the old times" this song makes me feel so infinite and for that reason alone I couldn't ask for anything more.

Be sure to catch them on tour!
February & March!
Feb 18 - Boston, MA @ Middle East
Feb 20 - New York, NY @ Rough Trade
Feb 22 - Washington, DC @ DC9
Feb 27 - Philadelphia, PA @ Milkboy
Feb 28 - Whistler, BC @ The GLC
March 1 - Vancouver, BC @ Media Club
March 2 - Spokane, WA @ The Bartlett
March 3 - Seattle, WA @ Neptune
March 4 - Portland, OR @ Aladdin Theatre
March 5 - San Francisco, CA @ The Fillmore
March 6 - Los Angeles, CA @ Fonda Theatre
March 7 - San Diego, CA @ Bar Pink

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Ed Sheeran - Don't (Épais Remix)

Épais (fellow CLUBJERSEY member) gives Ed Sheeran's "Don't" an addictively tough remix! This track definitely has your attention within five seconds and keeps you locked in until the end of the three minutes of high energy. Besides the amazing sample work in this remix, Épais shows us what he can do to flip a poppy song into an undeniably interesting bass filled jam! This guy is extremely under-rated at the moment, so you all should go show him some support to get him where he deserves be! 

Isaac Treece

Iggy Azalea - Beg For It feat MØ (R3ll Remix) *Official*

R3LL brings us another banger that reassures where Jersey Club is going! This is an official remix of Iggy Azalea's "Beg For It" and it blows the original out of the water on so many levels. Iggy Azalea's vocals have never sounded so perfect and catchy before R3LL touched this track! Playing this in the club would definitely get everybody moving and satisfy those people who want to hear some modern music they are familiar with. It is absolutely amazing to see R3LL doing his thing on such a huge level now and still stay true to his Jersey roots. We know last year was a huge year for him and this year is when it all comes together! If you are not familiar with the work of R3LL, peep game.

Isaac Treece

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Jailo and Yung Wall Street - Certified Freak Refix

Certified Freak itself was a track I still play out today! But now Jailo's teamed up with Yung Wall Street for this Refix and it's simply out of this world. The spin up has enhanced this track into a new version 2.0 and it still gives the same vibes with a whole new twist. Definitely worth the free download!

Salva Remix ($$$ Secret Stash $$$)

Salva's 'not so' Secret Stash has released another remix and this one's a cracker! Opening with big Jersey Vibes it flows and builds into Big Room sounding killer! Whack up the speakers and listen to this one loud, it deserves it!

Unreleased RL Grime & Salva Remix takes Travi$ Scott's 'Skyfall' to a new level!

Now, anything that has the names RL Grime and Salva on it, is bound to be stardust and this unreleased remix is exactly as expected. It features every element of the original that it needs and put's a whole new twist to the song. The trap beat had my head bopping and I'm sure it will have yours too!

Empire Of The Sun - Wandering Star (FINAL DJS Remix)

FINAL DJ's tackle Empire Of The Sun's "Wandering Star"! Re-imagining Empire of the Sun's tune into an exquisite synth-heavy masterpiece, the on has those drops that will make the dance floor go nuts. Sexy and melodic, yet up-beat and guaranteed to set off any party, FINAL DJ's killed this remix. Grab your Free Download below, enjoy!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

HTS Presents: Mermaids Compilation Vol. 1 (OUT ON JAN. 31st)

Handle the Sound sent us an insane compilation they are releasing  January 31st! HTS is a blog Juliette Boos from Lille, France has been running since 2012 but recently decided to start a label with the launch of this amazingly curated compilation. There is no labeling this compilation; ranging from Jersey Club and deep UK vibes to Footwork and Jungle keeps the energy interestingly different. Arma, TR!CK$, Sines & Kruxx, P. Solja, BSN PosseAnkerman, and Pitcheno are great  people to have on a debut compilation, so we can predict all of the huge things HTS will be doing very soon!

Check out a preview of BSN Posse's track "Dont Forget" and Ankerman's "Skool" from the compilation! Make sure you keep up with all these amazing people for the release and future music we guarantee you will love!

Isaac Treece

RAMBO V - Catalina Bounce

Sit back and relax on this fine Tuesday with Rambo V’s latest original “Catalina Bounce”! Oozing with sexiness, the track invigorates the senses and takes you on a euphoric journey filled with bass. Perfect for a pool party sample, enjoy the free download curtesy of RAMBO V and upcoming label Next Wave.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Royal - Cycles

Royal blesses us with a new free release, "Cycles"! Five tracks that sooth your mind with the combination of Royal's diverse production and perfect choice of vocalists who complement it all. This release is something you can listen to all the way through multiple times a day and still get a new feeling for each track. Go grab it for free from his website

Different Sleep Remixes 'DJ Khaled - Hold You Down'

Different Sleep has been a favorite of mine ever since his 'Chris Brown - Say Goodbye' remix and he never fails to disappoint. This new remix of DJ Khaled's track Hold You Down is not only mellow but enlightening too. The reversing sounds of the piano and wispy vibes will leave you mesmerized. Chill out and turn this one up. Your wifey or girl will dig this one.

All Mine Vol 1 THE MIXTAPE

All Mine have dropped their Volume 1 and it comes with this huge mixtape! The 33 minute mix features tracks from the likes of R3ll, Lido and many more big names! The songs range from Beautiful to BANGING and they will certainly have you moving!


Super-Duper – Banana Bread [All Mine Vol 1]

Flosstradamus – Mosh Pit (The Red Baron Remix)

Lido – I Love You Pt. II (Lazerdisk Remix)

Foster the People – Best Friend (Wave Racer Remix)

Hitmane – Better Friends [All Mine Vol 1]

Zedd – Stay the Night (Yung Wall Street Remix)

Disclosure – Latch (R3ll Remix)

Stink Floyd – Briethe (Tricks Remix)

Justin Timberlake – My Love (Playground Mob Remix)

Stink Floyd – Stink About You [All Mine Vol 1]

ILoveMakonnen – Tuesday (Tricks Remix)

Rafik – Reminder [All Mine Vol 1]

Lido – Money (R3ll Remix)

Tricks – Lov3 feat. CHLO [All Mine Vol 1]

Lido – I Love You (The Red Baron Remix)

Karmaboy – Shindo [All Mine Vol 1]

The Red Baron – It’s True [All Mine Vol 1]

Yung Wall Street - Suckas [All Mine Vol 1]

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Mennska & Mas Tropical - Won't Come Home

Mennska & Mas Tropical teamed up for this super smooth and soulful Tropical House groove that has us floored. We are amazed with their song "Won't Come Home." It sounds like something that you would hear on a Moonboots, Perseus or Goldroom Mixtape for sure. I guess we should expect Electropical sounds like these to come from California natives Mas Tropical. There is something that the California sun does to artists to inspire them. Photosynthesis for the mind maybe? 

MENNSKA being from Scotland and, Norway are a duo that has the Euro-house vibe locked down. The collaboration of all these vibes has turned out a most beautiful song that has melodies and lyrics that get stuck in your head. What a great original! These guys bring tropical sounds heavily influenced by both classical and contemporary African, Caribbean and Latin rhythms. Mixing modern production with traditional instrumentation, will keep this song timeless!

We can't wait to hear what these two hold for us in the future! Hopefully another collabo! We'll keep you in the loop. This song is a FREE DOWNLOAD so, turn this one up, kick back and enjoy. 


If you don't know about HI$TO... listen to this NOW! A remix of Young Buck's "Get Buck" that will definitely make you get buck (to say the least.) This guy has always had amazing tracks, but we can tell he's stepped his game up for 2015!
HI$TO is a producer from Baltimore who's powerful production is instantly recognizable in many ways. Everything he touches is packed with energetic synths accompanied by vocal chopping and bass lines that have that B-more feel that gets your head bobbing uncontrollably. HI$TO has been releasing a FREE track every week and they all go insanely hard! We recommend you keep your eyes on this guy because this is just the beginning! 

Isaac Treece

KnightWerk Records Presents: RMG X FRIENDS VOL. 1

Real Music Group
 is a crew of many spectrums of club music based out of the east coast but is now a worldwide group. Their debut compilation got a re-upload with some new tracks added to it and we can't stop bumping this like when it first came out! KnightWerk Records made a good decision by reaching out to RMG so early because they've been gaining a strong following and building their team up with some insane producers to get them to where they needed to be to release their second compilation, The Sextape
RMG is one of our favorite club collectives because they all have the signature raw east coast sound to all their productions but also crush the standard of simple, sample driven music. Many of their producers are obviously hustling and trying to make their sound known by stepping out of the normal Jersey Club sound. Seeing young kids from the east coast doing things this big inspires us and the vision of having a stronger club scene in Los Angeles immediately comes to mind. There are so many people from RMG to list that you should be watching, but our favorites are: BasedPrince (CEO of RMG)DJ AlDJ ' BendthaaKU$HCANNXN, and last but not least Styles Savage (president of RMG)!
Go download both of their compilations, you will not be disappointed!

Isaac Treece

Friday, January 23, 2015

The Prodigy - Nasty (Zinc Remix)

Legendary producer group, The Prodigy’s, first ever single in 6 years has just been remixed by fellow UK producer, Zinc. The appropriately fitting title, “Nasty”, Zinc took the originals gritty, in your face sound and transformed the tune into an electro, funky dance floor anthem. Stream the track below, enjoy!

Sam Feldt - Show Me Love

Sam Feldt gives us a remix of the classic tune "Show Me Love"! Using a cover of the song, Sam's masterful edit sounds completely different from the original incorporating airy elements. Out on Spinnin' Records, stream the track below. Enjoy!

Diplo & Friends - Jersey vs Philly Club

Diplo brings us yet another fresh mix for Radio 1 Xtra show, except this time it's a mix off! DJ Sliink let's us know he still runs Jersey whilst DJ Big O wants to flaunt the Philly Club sound. The mix sees a unique blend of the similarities and differences of the two genres whilst dropping some of the hottest tracks out of the moment! (With a few from some friends of mine too).

Whipped Cream's Fresh 'Clothes Off' Edit!

We all know the ever so classic Clothes Off, but it's time for Whipped Cream to give it a fresh new look. Putting the Jersey spin on this track was exactly what it needed to bring it back to our hearts. A definite favourite from me at the moment!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Brenmar - Award EP // L.A. Record Release Party

Brenmar continues to bring the hype with his new "Award" EP released by Fool's Gold Records! This release is full of tracks that have potential to be radio bangers, as well as something that makes the club go off! Every track features a different vocalist to add their own interactive touch to Brenmar's iconic production, such as: Dougie F, Sayyi, UNiiQU3 (queen of Jersey Club), and Ro James. Blending his east coast background with modern rap music makes for something anybody can dance, sing, or just bug out to!

"Award" starts off strong with the title track; a very catchy and tough anthem that is enforced into your head with the help of Jersey native Dougie F. Brenmar seamlessly breaks the formula of modern rap music to say the least. Ranging from classic piano melodies, powerful electronic synths and drums, to the hook that you can't get out of your head, shows how in depth his production is to get the sound he wants and achieves. Overall an amazing start to the EP that made me eager to sit down and listen to all the tracks in their entirety. Start to finish! Big ups to Fools Gold Records for signing this great artist.

If you're feeling these vibes you can catch Brenmar on tour now! He'll be doing a record release party tonight in Los Angeles for our friends at IHC! Be sure to get there early to catch Sasha Go Hard, our HAM ON EVERYTHING buds and MOD's Yung Satan!  

Isaac Treece