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TiltAdmin on May 20, 2009 - 9:05 am in Uncategorized

Living in the Los Angeles area exposes you to a lot of live Electro DJ’s and Artists.

There has been a huge response from scene lately.
Thanks to the huge success of great artists like Franki Chan (IHEARTCOMIX), L.A. Riots, Steve Aoki (DIM MAK), DJ AM and Acid Girls, and Villains, Los Angeles has been able to hold its own in the World Electro Scene along with South America, Europe, and Japan. We have been searching for some new up and coming producers that will keep the torch burning. To name a few Keenhouse, Lazrtag, Killed by Synth, Dan Sena, Short Circuit, Fabian, Paparazzi, After Midnight, Whiskey Pete and Bobby Bustle have really caught our attention lately. All of these acts really put on an incredible show. High energy teamed up with great production! No one really should sleep on these guys.

The proof is in the puddin!

Peep our 1st Los Angeles Artist review of Bobby Bustle.

After seeing Bobby Bustle tear it up right before Chuck Inglish of
The Cool Kids @ The TILT One Year Anniversary, I was convinced. With HARD hitting beats, smoothed out synths, and lyrics that stick in your mind, Bobby Bustle came correct. We’re proud to share these exclusive UNRELEASED TRACKS with everyone. These are the same awesome tracks that had the whole room jumpin! Straight SOLID!

His full album is due to drop this Summer!

You can’t deny the MAD STEEEZ!

Bobby Bustle – San Fran

Bobby Bustle – Electro Figga

Be sure to stop by his Myspace and give him some L.O.V.E.
Bobby Bustle Myspace

-Mike TILT
D A M A G E !

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