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TiltAdmin on May 22, 2009 - 4:26 am in Uncategorized

Lately I’ve been enjoying this hot group from L.A. called Poly! They use all analog synths and come with the Megawave Funk. I’ve been trying to find more artists like Poly that use all analog and I have come to love this group from Canada called Memoryhouse. They are as if Poly had took up an Indie singer and decided to take a sharp artistic turn to the Dreamscape sound. The band has a very lo-fi feel and you can tell they are using all original analog synths from the early 90’s. The Woman’s vocals almost sing you to sleep (in a good way) very calming and relaxing like a girlfriend singing you to sleep after a hard days work. A style that is much appreciated around the camp fire or if you driving around in L.A. looking for your lover. I hope you enjoy this incredible band as much as I. Thanks to my man B-Side for hitting me with this tune.

Memoryhouse – To The Lighthouse

-Mike Woodward

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