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Fred Falke Summer Soundtrack

TiltAdmin on June 13, 2009 - 9:15 pm in Uncategorized

The Summer in Los Angeles is in full effect, the pool parties have started and everyone is on Summer Break. Time for some smooth Summer Jams, and lately we’ve noticed here at TILT that Fred Falke has been a constant on our play list over the last few weeks.

We just can’t help but share the smooth, melodic, fresh tunes this guy is pumpin out. We have been watching Fred for over a year and we feel this year he has really stepped up his game. His styles are progressing and he has become a staple in the Dreamwave Scene. Be sure to give him some mad love on his myspace. We can’t wait till he comes to rock Cali! Here are a few of our favorite tracks by Fred Falke.

*Thanks to our friends at Disco Dust for showing us the great
“New In Town” Remix! (Hands down the
BEST Little Boots Remix out there)

Little Boots – New In Town (Fred Falke Remix)

Annie – Anthonio (Fred Falke Remix)

MiniViva-Left My Heart In Tokyo Fred Falke Dub Mix

-Mike Woodward
D A M A G E !

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