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Michael Jackson you will be missed Pt. 1

TiltAdmin on June 27, 2009 - 1:11 am in Uncategorized

The above image sums up everything I can say about the man. I played Moonwalker so long as a kid I broke my fuckin’ Sega Genesis. No Joke. Stay tuned in the following days for a more appropriate tribute 🙁

Anyway, as of late a few tracks have caught ears (and hopefully yours too) but if you’ve been cruisin the scene on the short bus check these tracks. First off is Aoki’s new Gifted (K. West) remix. It starts off quick with an almost WARP-esque beat, then breaking into a trancy feel in the second half. Gotta love it. Secondly, and Im dropping all rhyme or reason (and probably dignity) here, this T.I – Discotech mix has crawled under my skin and it hurts so good! I just close my eyes and pretend that its ok. Peep it.

Nasa Gifted Remix (Ft. K. West / Santigold) – Steve Aoki

Watever You Like (DiscoTech Remix) – T.I.

For you Indie heads check out this beautiful remix of Patrick Wolf’s “Hard Times” done by Jack Beats. Wolf’s wide variety of instruments is a great match up with Jack Beats dark-synth. Recommended especially for fans of Trentemoller, Tiga or like-groups.. Follow up with Phaseone’s mellow/groovey Animal Colective mix.

Hard Times (Jack Beats Remix) – Patrick Wolf

Daily Routine (Phaseone Remix) – Animal Collective


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