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Some HEAT for the Summer!

TiltAdmin on June 10, 2009 - 7:37 pm in Uncategorized

Hey Los Angeles,
We are bringing you some REAL HEAT! HEAT as in excellent talent from FRANCE, and she has given us some exclusive Tracks to share with you. You’ll see why us at TILT fell in love with these masterpieces right away. Appropriately named HEAT, Camille Richard knows how to come with not only a Melodic Dreamwave Style that reminds you of hot Summer Beach days, but also knows how to come with a Harder Style that you can jam out to in your convertible with the top down going over 90mph. Both of these tracks are currently unreleased but will be released on HEATS First Album “Too Hott” Coming soon this Summer.

HEAT – Copilote

HEAT – Hexagone

Enjoy, and be sure to give HEAT some love on myspace.

-Mike Woodward
D A M A G E!

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