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TiltAdmin on July 8, 2009 - 6:39 am in Uncategorized

Fun video from UK Pop/Electro group We Have Band! Formed by Dede W, Darren Bancroft and Thomas W. WHB appears to be spreading their love – they’re booked from Now through October (and probably later) throughout the UK, Netherlands and are looking to tour the states. I first heard about WHB because of this video last month and have been following them since, secretly hoping for someone to tear up their minimal electro/pop beat (although very good by itself) with some heavy distortion. If they keep rolling with the Filthy Dukes or some of the Kitsune crew such as Crystal Fighters my wishes just may come true.

You Came Out – We Have Band

Oh! – We Have Band

Messages (We Have Band Remix) – Filthy Dukes

– Vasili

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