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GLASNOST – Sounds of the Future

TiltAdmin on August 26, 2009 - 7:38 am in Uncategorized

We have found a great band from Houston Texas that is mega legit. Our eyes have been on the big TX scene after discovering a few other of our fav’s come from there as well. Vega, Neon Indian and now Glasnost; Each with their own distinct sound and a touch of Dreamwave. The singer of Glasnost has an amazing voice teamed with some excellent guitar work, amazing atmospheric synth stabs, a bassist that knows how the ride the rhythm and killer drummer. We can’t wait for these guys to drop a full album.

TILT Hook-Up!
For all you producers, there was a remix contest for their track “Great Divide.” They have chosen the winners already, but if you want to still remix this wonderful track you can get more info on that by clicking this link here – Great Divide Stems

If your looking to post them up on your wall as your favorite band, you can catch them in this months NYLON Magazine (Mexico Edition). We have been in contact with the guys at Glasnost and they have given us some special new songs to share with you. Don’t for get to give them some love on their Myspace Music Page!

Glastnost – No Survivor

Glasnost – Great Divide

Glasnost – Come Alone


-Mike Woodward

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