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My Story: Major Lazer

TiltAdmin on August 29, 2009 - 6:14 am in Uncategorized

I never did understand the whole Major Lazer hype. It seems like everyday I would do my listening rounds there they were. To be honest when “Pon De Floor” hit I was absolutely confused by the song, and found it even more ridiculous when I saw the video. Feeling left behind I tried listening time after time with the same result, until something clicked. Perhaps it was my spinal cord releasing copious amounts of dormant drugs into my bloodstream, but I had flashbacks of all the great shows I’ve been to. How much better a show was if I could feel the bassline literally hitting me, the buildup and the drop. Diplo and Switch are masters of this, live footage can attest to this as no handheld camera is even capable of picking up the bass. Well I realised Major Lazer might not be for home listening considering I dont like to jump around my house a fool, a word of advice for fellow readers though: You can’t judge a group until you’ve heard them live. Count on seeing me at the next Major Lazer show this side of the California.

Major Lazer – Pon De Floor (Ernold Sane Remix)

Major Lazer ft. Ninjasonik – Pon De Floor (Diplo Rap Remix)

– Vasili

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