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The Numbers Song (Official Video Release)

TiltAdmin on August 25, 2009 - 3:13 pm in Uncategorized

dir. Taylor Cohen, pro. Otto Arsenault

Dear Acid Girls, oh how I waited and waited for this moment to come. If any readers out there hasn’t had a chance to watch this video in full take the time! Its really not much to ask considering the plot: a voyeuristic ‘Big Brother’ concept camera, following a house full of twisted California beauties, paired with the absolute sickest track of the year. You can find the original write-up with their new single ‘The Numbers Song’ here. In addition check out Acid Girl’s new ‘Similar but different – hopefully better’ live mix.

The New Acid Girls Mixtape – LIVE From Snake Mountain.

iTunes Here for exclusive new tracks
– Pre-order (Sep. 1) the full Vinyl here.

– Vasili

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