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Binary New Album L.A. Lights Exclusive!

TiltAdmin on September 10, 2009 - 12:56 am in TiltMag Exclusives

Last year back in October, TILT instantly became a fan and great friends with Binary. After hearing Keenhouse, Nightwaves, Short Circuit aka On Off On (now our resident), ALFA and everyone else on the label, we knew these guys were making big moves and bigger waves in L.A.. Each artist with their own unique sound, reflecting the style of Southern California and L.A. in a way no one else before them has. Their self coined genre DREAMWAVE has caught everyone’s attention with its melodic greatness, a sort of harmony blending New Wave, Dream Pop, Disco and just subtle hints of Electro/Dance. It was something the L.A. residents needed, local original music that you can be proud to blast on the way to the beach a sunday afternoon. Relaxing melodic dance music you can really just kick back or dance to depending on the mood.

Ever since Nightwaves Dreamwave Hour 2 came out, TILT has been CRAVING for more! Binary will be releasing 14 hot new tracks from their L.A. Collective and It’s all going to happen October 13th of this year. For readers of our blog, WE HAVE THE EXCLUSIVE, below we have been givin the green light to share a few clips from the new album!Please give your library a kiss of California sunshine this year by pre-ordering the album on Amazon.com HERE!

Binary MP3 Bonus!

Keenhouse and ALFA currently both have albums out. Keenhouse has a full LP out called Civic Transit. It is hands down an album every synthpop lover should have. A definate CLASSIC. ALFA just released his EP of LA PASSION on System Recordings availible on itunes here. Also! Dreamwave Masters Nightwaves just released “She’s Electric” this Monday! Pick it up here on itunes!

Keenhouse – Deep in the Forest (ALFA REMIX)

Nightwaves – She’s Electric (Short Circuit Remix)

-Mike Woodward

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