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Ready for Halloween / Glitch

TiltAdmin on September 1, 2009 - 7:49 pm in Uncategorized

Well I just previewed Los Angeles artist ‘edIT’s track “Ants” and it quickly hit a sweet spot for me. I cant put my finger on what it is about IDM/Glitch music that just casts an eerily relaxed feeling over me, but I have been a fan of said genres and some of the more .. obscure variants I guess you could say such as Spectral for some time. Needless to say, with Halloween right around the corner I am already piecing together a mood appropriate mixtape. If ‘Glitch’ is your thing, here are a few tracks I recommend.

edIT – Ants

Trentemoller – Moan (Trentemoller Vocal Remix Radio Edit)

Thom Yorke – Skip Divided (Modeselektor Remix)

As for hopefully a quick run down of the latter two tracks: If you enjoyed any of what you’ve just heard above I highly, highly, suggest picking up a copy of Trentemoller’s ‘The Last Resort’. As for Thom Yorke.. If you dont already own ‘The Eraser’, get it. now. Some of his other work with Modeselektor is absolutely brilliant and hopefully they have more collaborations in the future.

Bonus Trentemoller video mashup*

– Vasili

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