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Weekend Match-Up #02

TiltAdmin on September 19, 2009 - 4:22 am in Uncategorized

These three hidden gems successfully made it past my radar and have been sitting in my library un-played! Tragedy I tell you, that these 3 amazing remixes of 3 amazing originals could be so grossly neglected on my part. First is High Contrast‘s remix of “BBB” by Jokers of the Scene, DnB at its best to say the least. High Contrast is responsible for getting many people (including myself) into Drum and Bass, and efforts havn’t gone unnoticed. Show your appreciation by checking out this track and giving him some love.

Jokers of the Scene – Baggy Bottom Boys (High Contrast Remix)

Eric Prydz on the other hand has never sounded so .. hard. Well known for his progessive house, this next track no longer resembles anything of the sort. Dada Life has in their own words “destroyed dance music” once again- and its awesome. Check out this 2008 remix from the Swedish duo, it still has what it takes now more then ever to be on a dancefloor. Lastly we have Fake Blood doing of course what Fake Blood does well – Dark, Grimey Remixes for the masses. Although their remix of “Touch Too Much” stayed oddly true to the original Hot Chip sound, something is quite off, and we love it. Have a good weekend and Cheers! Let us know what you think about these tracks in our comments.

Eric Prydz – Pjanoo (Dada Life Guerilla Fart Remix)

Hot Chip – Touch Too Much (Fake Blood Remix)

– Vasili

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