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Who is the craziest of them all?

TiltAdmin on September 5, 2009 - 1:23 am in Uncategorized

Hailing in from Sweden, Dada Life shares with us their take on dimly lit basement parties where the entertainment is a bloody brawl. Cool concept, check. Cool video, Check. Awesome song, Check. Olle Corneer and Stephan Engblom of Dada Life appropriately have set two goals for themselves: “Destroy dance music and have fun”. If your not already beginning to figure out that theres something a little off about these guys check out their quite enjoyable video for “Happy Hands & Happy Feet” released earlier this year.

They just recently did some work on Scion/Discobelle which you’ll find here that bends the line between electro and dreamwave, im not sure what to make of it but either way I love it. Every now and then I come across something truly odd and unique such as these guys; from their look and feel, who they decide to remix (possibly the most insane music video ive ever seen), to their playful/dark beats. If you like what you hear pick up a copy of their debut album ‘Just Do The Dada’. If you’re a California local be sure to check the tour dates, they’re playing in San Diego at the Voyeur (Sep. 23) and Hollywood at the Avalon (Sep. 25).

Dada Life – Happy Hands & Happy Feet

Super Viral Brothers – Hot Chocolate + Polar Bear Rug (Dada Life Remix)

Dada Life – Smile You’re On Dada (Extended Version)

– Vasili

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