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Well, at 1st the game seemed offensive to me. Being a DJ for 9 years now, it was like a hot wheels car to someone who collects original cars. “Just a toy.” DJ Hero being just that, “a toy,” it was fun. It did it’s job as a toy, getting my attention and bringing back youthful excitement about something new and cutting edge (as far as toys go).

To consider DJ Hero as an art is another thing though. It’s going to be fairly easy to master, after maybe a month of game play. Very much unlike real DJ’ing, that takes years and years to master..

I was very surprised to like the game that I thought I would hate. Its was fun unlocking the various levels and gaining more advanced songs. The characters such as Daft Punk & DJ AM (R.I.P) making cameos in the game also enhanced my experience. For you Guitar Hero fans you can a plug and play your guitar in and play guitar riffs from Motorhead and others back to back with the DJ while he cuts up songs. If DJ AM were still here with us today, I could see a TVS/AM (Travis Barker/DJ AM) video game to come. The Drummer vs The DJ. Possibly utilizing the drum kit from rockband.

I understand why they made this game, and I see the game opening the minds of young ones who have been brainwashed to love mainstream music. This game bridges genres and DJ styles. I think it somehow will leave its mark by introducing kids to the DJ culture as a whole.

The only downside I see to all of this is.

A. The game designers didnt have enough DJs making the actual songs. I saw DJ Shadow and Z-Trip doing their songs but I wanted to see original Daft Punk Production, etc…

B. How can you create a DJ HERO game without going to DJ Q-Bert, Mix Master Mike, DJ Shortcut, Cut Chemist, DJ Craze, Klever, Rock Radia, Buzy P, Peanut Butter Wolf or A-Trak! I hope the game creators keep this in mind for DJ Hero 2.

C. Why didnt they pick current relevant songs that DJ’s use today. Electro/House/Dubstep/Drum n Bass and old school Jazz/Funk wasn’t very well represented.

D. THE CONTROLLER! Come on! The size is fine but I could see 3 ways to make it a more user friendly!

Besides those few things, it was a good experience over all.
I suggest everyone just to try it out. At least for a good hour. It doesn’t matter if your a good DJ or not. You’ll have fun.

Here’s a few songs I wish DJ HERO HAD!

Mylo – Drop The Pressure

Jokers Of The Scene – Baggy Bottom Boys

Pase Rock – Lindsay Lohan’s Revenge (Estaw’s Koochy Lips Fix)

The Lootpack – Whenimondamic

West Coast Rocks-The Glitch Mob Remix

-Mike Woodward

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  • October 30, 2009

    I could definitely see something like “Drop The Pressure” making its way to DJ Hero, just a classic epic track. If the game picks up im sure there will be a million Game addons like Guitar Hero… or is it Rock Band.. I dont even know I hate both of them.