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Hey Everybody,

For today’s post I thought, rather than just post about another awesome band, I would share a few tips I’ve learned over the past year or so on how to fully pimp out your Firefox browser to make downloading music from blogs ten times faster and easier.

First off, Go to Mozilla.org and download FireFox if you haven’t already. Install it and make it your default browser.

First thing you should get, is the add on DownThemAll!. For blogs that upload the actual MP3 files on to their server, DownThemAll will allow you to right click and grab all the files you want. It lets you choose which type of file you want i.e. audio picture html. Then DownThemAll’s download manager speeds up the download process. Idk how but it just does OK!

Install the add-on and then Click Here To Try It Out.

SkipScreen allows you to skip all those annoying waiting screens that zshare, mediafire, and other file sharing services make you sit through before you get to download your track. Well no more. Let SkipScreen, well, iskp that isht! Once you have installed the plug in you can test it out on the link below.

Electrixx – Tetris


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  • October 2, 2009

    Ive been using SkipScreen also, makes it pretty easy for sites like ours that use Zshare or MediaFire. Good Call.