Tuesday, October 27, 2009

TILT w/ Kid Sister Review and Exclusive Interview!

Photo by Melissa Moore for LAist

For weeks we've all been blasting the infectious single "Right Hand Hi," waiting in excitement for Chicago's own electro-rap superwoman, Kid Sister, to grace TILT LA with her presence, as part of the tour for her album, Ultraviolet, which drops November 17. Literally decked out in head-to-toe sequins: a sheer midriff top with sparkly bra, sequined baseball cap, and shiny pants, Kid Sister brought down the house this Saturday with her high-energy performance, even incorporating a stage-dive into the audience! Classy and Sassy! Now that is my kind of badass broad.

Sharing the stage was her brother, J2K , who practically melted the dance floor with Flosstradamus right before. The siblings definitely were on fire that night, making that October evening at the Echoplex a very memorable one. Kid Sister aka Melisa Young, was nice enough to have a girl talk sesh with me where we discussed Betsey Johnson (she liked my Pollys, I loved her huge fish-shaped ring) nails did (naturally) and bonded over everyone's favorite Tejano singer of the 90's (!!!).

AL: So let me see your nails first! Those are so sick!

KS: I lost one! I redid them today. I bought all these stones in Japan. They have the best stones.

AL: Those are definitely Tokyo-style talons on the cover of Ultraviolet. Did you get them done there?

KS: Tokyo, yes!

AL: Where are the best places to get your nails done?

KS: I go to a place in LA and I go to a place in Tokyo. And that's pretty much it.

AL: Which place do you go in LA?

KS: Not telling! The sign isn't even in English so I couldn't even tell you!

Photo by Melissa Moore for LAist

AL: Did you and Estelle ever record "Ladies First" (originally by Queen Latifah)?

KS: Yes, did you hear it?

AL: No!

KS: It's not on the album, but me and Estelle did another song called "Step."

AL: I love Queen Latifah so I was excited for it. Is it ever going to come out?

KS: Maybe a B-side or something. Who knows.

AL: Do you know what you will you be for Halloween?

KS: I'm Selena! I forgot to tell the audience I'm Selena! I was testing out my Halloween costume!

AL: Ahh! I was thinking that because once I saw that bra I was like..., Does she love Selenas?


AL: That's amazing!!!

KS: All I need is high heeled boots, I'll be good.

AL: You need to remake "Bidi Bidi Bom Bom!"

KS: Already on it! Already on it!

AL: ::faints::


Peep this of Kid Sister performing "I'll House You" at TILT!

Me and my new bff

- Marie aka Agent Lover


The Friendinator said...

Totally awesome interview, as always, by Agent Lover. She always brings out the personality of people and things for all to clearly see! I seriously can't even go a full day without cruising agentlover.com to see what's next! Homegilr got it goin' on in this interview!

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Anonymous said...

Great Show!! ThunderHeist next!!

Nick said...

This is cool.. but your previous posts have been WAAAAY Cooler... please keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

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