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Mixtape Monday featuring Franki Chan, Sammy Bananas and Jayvon!

TiltAdmin on December 7, 2009 - 9:00 am in TiltMag Mixtape Series

This weekend I reviewed a few mixtapes and ended up finding three of my favorite mixtapes of the month. We get swamped with mixtapes being emailed to us, but keep em comin! Maybe we’ll review yours in our future Mixtape Monday segments.

Franki Chan’s December Mixtape-
It’s been a few months since we have heard a mixtape from Franki founder of IHEARTCOMIX, and man are we glad he recorded this mix. It’s hands down SICK! He put a little something together for everyone in Australia since he will be playing out there NYE this year. He also has been throwing some really killer parties in Los Angeles. (AS USUAL) He has a fairly new weekly night called “The Main Event” where you can catch him DJ’n weekly with artist’s like Pop Levi, Radioclit, Paul Devro, Adam 12 and more!
Don’t sleep on this weekly L.A. peeps. Mad Decent and IHEARTCOMIX back this night up, and with that kind of magic you’ll never know who might stop by to drop a secret set! For more info be sure to check out www.iheartcomix.com

Franki Chan – November 2009 Mixtape

Sammy Bananas Mixtape-
I’ve been eating this mix UP! Sammy really puts some major variation in this mix. Totally not afraid to mix in some slower jams like Them Jeans Remix of The XX. This mix is totally enjoyable on a cold winters day by the fireplace. The mix slowly picks up in pace and ends and a really sweet note. Be sure to check out more of Sammy Banana’s jams out on Fools Gold Records.

Sammy Bananas – Banana Party December 2009 Mixtape

Jayvon Mixtape Drive –
Long time Los Angeles resident and established DJ Jayvon has been merging his Drum N Bass/Dubstep styles with a more electro sound with this incredible new mixtape. With Jayvon you never know what style he’s going to tackle next. He effortlessly mixes and mashes up tracks for almost every genre with ease. He’s no new school sucka DJ like half these noob teenage kids in L.A.! Jayvon comes correct. I dare any sucka DJ from L.A. to take him on. Plan to see him rep TILT in a future battle coming in 2010!”

Jayvon – Drive Mixtape

If you would like the mixtape with the tracks seperated use this link here

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