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Working Out To Washed Out

TiltAdmin on December 20, 2009 - 7:34 am in Uncategorized

If you are a fan of Washed Out’s syrupy, nostalgia-pop, chances are his song “Belong” is one of your favorite tracks off of his EP Life of Leisure. The video for it came out recently and I just wanted to discuss my thoughts on the formula for the concept.

Take one part Xanadu…

Plus three parts Saved by The Bell girl group, Hot Sundae…

and you get the new video for Washed Out’s “Belong”

Perhaps the director was trying to steer us away from relating this fuzzy, lo-fi genre to visions of astral projection or taking a nap under a coconut tree. I will admit I personally find the whole 80’s workout concept continuously entertaining and rarely tire of it even though it is not new or cutting edge. Real Talk: it just doesn’t go with this song! It confuses my senses! I just don’t know how to feel! Give me Tetris-aerobics, spandexed crotches and cosmic trampoline-jumping at the right time. You can’t just throw them at me so easily. I’m sensitive. If I were a dude, Washed Out’s music would remind me of getting my first boner at summer camp. Hmmm, that being said…maybe this video IS on point.

Washed Out – “Belong”

Washed Out – “Feel it all around”

Washed Out – “New Theory”


-Marie aka Agent Lover

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