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Featured Artist: Jaymo & Andy George

TiltAdmin on January 31, 2010 - 9:11 pm in Featured

Jaymo & Andy George from the UK are probably best known for heading-up the nocturnal party machine, MODA, that started about 2 years ago. It’s gone from, a few hundred people in a dimly lit bar, to 1600 raging kids in a huge warehouse armed with a Funktion One Soundsystem!

These are two youngsters that know how to get the party popin propa! Plus, word has been floating around that these two are the next Kissy Sellout. Management from BBC Radio 1 noticed Jaymo and George had been making some big noise in the UK. Jaymo & Andy became two of the youngest people to ever record a live Essential Mix for Radio 1!

Our hats off to you Jaymo & George! Congrats and nothing but love from the TILT fam!

These two young rising stars have 5 things you must know about them.

1. Jaymo & Andy play everything from Electro to Disco to Synth Pop & Indie (in fact, it’s probably easier to say what they don’t play!)

2. Jaymo’s old skool genre of choice is French House, whilst Andy is a self-confessed Garage freak.

3. Andy keeps his most treasured promos hidden in amongst his unusually large hair style.

4. Jaymo has re-occurring dreams about being the third member of Daft Punk.

5. As kids Andy & Jaymo used to record makeshift radio shows using 2 cassette players, a turntable and a Radioshack microphone.

Find out more here on the BBC Radio 1 website.

Now for the goodies!

Miike Snow – Black Blue (Jaymo Andy George Remix)[YSI]

Passion Pit – Little Secrets (Jaymo & Andy George Remix)[YSI]

Ali Love – Love Harder (Jaymo & Andy George Remix)[YSI]

Audio Bullys – Let Me Be Me (Jaymo Remix)[YSI]


-Mike Woodward

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