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Featured Artist: Mix Master Mike

TiltAdmin on February 16, 2010 - 11:04 pm in Featured
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Hands down 100% without this next artist I, Mike Woodward, would have never taken up DJing, would have never picked up the decks, or taught myself how to DJ. The 1st time I heard Serial Wax Killer, Mixmaster Mike was on the Beastie Boys Album Hello Nasty. From then on I was obsessed with the Scratch and Turntablist sound. Until that moment, I had never heard another DJ wreck the decks like Mix Master Mike does. He is the original DJ; he can kill any DJ in any battle. He became DMC Champion of 1992, 93, 94, Titles with DJ Q-Bert & Apollo until he was asked to step down from the competition, later that year becoming a judge with his Inivisbl Scratch Piklz Team. Everyone knows there is no stopping Mix Master Mike. He has taken every level of DJing and has mastered it like no one else can.
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With his latest installment of Mixtapes he’s dropped on his website www.MixmasterMike.com he has done it again, he’s come correct more then ever! Napalm Rockets a Dubstep Combat Strike crushes every thing any other Dubstep DJ has ever done! His scratches, on top of his song selection is MASSIVE! I dare anyone to even come close to this mix! The only person I could even see coming close to this skill level would be DJ Craze. Commonly most DJ’s only mix, they don’t know how to come correct with scratching, juggling, busting transforms, along with hundreds of other Turntablist tricks as Mix Master Mike does.

Here is a few samples of what I’m takin about!
These are a few of our favorates, taken from the Naplam Rockets Mixtape


Mix Master Mike – I BEAT MUFUCKAZ [YSI]

Mix Master Mike – TOPSHELF

Mix Master Mike – HOODZ IN BELGIUM (Jamrock Refix) [YSI]

This Mixtape has 39 Killer tracks of MMM destroying it!
Pick up the full mixtape here.

Bonus Old Skool Video from 1997!
Invisibl Skratch Piklz Vs. Da Klams Uv Deth
Check out Mike in the middle killin it!

I will forever have mad respect for Mix Master Mike. You are truly is a Master of your craft. Be sure to check out his Facebook and Myspace for future tour dates and let him know what you think about the new NaPALM ROCKETS Dubstep mix!

Mike Woodward

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