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Featured Artist: RuckazoidxDiamondZ

TiltAdmin on February 25, 2010 - 10:42 pm in Featured

“This is a journey…this is a journey into sound…a journey which along the way will bring you new color, new dimensions, new value…” Ruckazoid does just that with his music. This time and space traveler has reached beyond the boarders of our universe to bring us the best in Galactic Spacedust Funk. With a new flavor. Combining the older sounds of retro synths and the future sound of Mega-Bass, Ruckazoid has stopped on the planet earth for this moment to deliver and save the earth from that old warn out sound, and he’s come with a sparkle, and her name is Diamond Z. For those of you who don’t know. Now you know.

Ruckazoid & Diamond Z have been heavy at work. We are excited to tell you that they have givin us exclusive permission to debut 2 huge new tracks to share with everyone. 320kbps and very DJ Friendly. These tracks are straight out Intergalactic HEAT!

“If you want my love” is a smoothed out funk jam that has a taste of those old school synths that Prince used to rock. This a the jam that you need to bump in car, in traffic, or for those long travels through space in the spaceship.

Ruckazoid – If You Want My Love

“Hello” is one of those club hits that smacks you in the face. Like “why’d you hit me for” BOOM! Shit, you would think this was a MSTRKRFT hidden track! The Ruckaziod comes strong with this Banger! Diamond Zoidal’s sexy vocals helps push this track into the instant classic category! This is a track that I need to see be performed in person. For you L.A. music lovers Ruckazoid & Diamond Z will be performing LIVE at Nokia Live March 11th! Be sure to get your pre-sale tix now.

Ruckazoid & Diamond Z – Hello [YSI]

We are totally excited to let you know that next week we will have another exclusive release for you on TILTmag.com! Ruckazoid has promised us 2 more NEW releases to distribute to you! The attack has begun.

-Mike Woodward

“3rd Ball Locked!
Time Travel Multi-ball Bonus!”
Ruckazoid & Diamond Zoidal – My Name is Diamond Z [YSI]

Warp to level 20 High Score 5000 bonus x 4!!!!

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