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Michael Jackson – Beat It Short Circuit Remix/Captain EO Release at Disneyland

TiltAdmin on February 23, 2010 - 6:00 pm in Uncategorized

ITS TIME! Short Circuit one of TILT’s favorite producers has remixed the very, very, CLASSIC Michael Jackson song, BEAT IT! Just in time to celebrate the release of Captain EO 3-D now back at Disneyland STARTING TODAY! That’s right. Everyone better get on that! You also better be sure to pick up this one of a kind remix as well! Short Circuit did this song real proper! He added his own flare to this classic without destroying it! MJ would be pleased if he was still around. In fact, i’m possitive if MJ were still around, he would be very much into the Dreamwave sound! How sick would it be to see the King Of Pop enjoying artists like Valerie, Grum, The Twelves, Keenhouse or Short Circuit in concert. Then busting the Moon Walk and starting dance circles at TILT events! Shit would have been so ILL! MJ we miss you man, you will forever be in our hearts. You have forever changed our lives and music in an infinite way. “Rock With You” is the original Disco/Dreamwave track! I’m so glad Short Circuit has brought us another level of Dreamwave to MJ’s and his music. I can’t wait till he maybe takes up a few more MJ tracks. Do it son! I love the fresh re-vamped vibe you did to this track! This is hands down one of my favorite Short Circuit tracks to date.

Michael Jackson – Beat It (Short Circuit Remix)

If you like this track you will most definitely love the newer remixes and original tracks that Short Circuit has done recently. His original songs are like Robotic Dreamwave Lovesongs that have a Disco/Dance/Electro backbone to em. Something that can get you movin on the dance floor and will romance your lady all at the same time. These are the kind of songs you just can’t pass up in life. Be sure to catch Short Circuit at the next TILT event! He’ll be performing side by side with the legend Tommie Sunshine! RSVP here!

Fabian – Heat (Short Circuit Heatstroke Edit) [YSI]

Keenhouse – Mecho Maniac (Short Circuit Remix) [YSI]

-Mike Woodward

P.S. – Thanks to the head guys at the Disney Machine! For listening to our prayers and answering them. Some one at Disneyland must read TILTmag.com ! Check out our past Captain EO post from June of last year here.

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