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MMMixtape MMMonday with an exclusive TILT Disco MMMix by MMMatthias

TiltAdmin on February 15, 2010 - 7:59 am in TiltMag Mixtape Series
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This is our 2nd Mixtape Monday featuring MMMatthias. We got such a big response from our last post with him we had to have him back. We have been keeping in touch with our man MMMatthias and he has blessed us with an incredible exclusive Disco MMMix. He put together some of our all time favorite classics and put his own spin and effects throughout the entire mix. This is definitely a mix to get you through the week and get you ready for the weekend. Download the MMMix below via Mediafire below.

MMMatthias Tilt! Disco MMMix:


1. Toomy Disco – “Back from Cosmos” (ODahl Remix)
2. Xinobi – “Valsa in NJ”
3. Jan Turkenburg – “In my spaceship” (Breakbot Remix)
4. Vicknoise – “Get away” (Edwin Van Cleef Remix)
5. Moonchild – “Girl”
6. SKingz – “Make up my mind”
7. Scott Grooves – “Mothership reconnection” (Daft Punk Remix)
8. Drame – “Golden Gloves”
9. Lifelike – “So electric”
10.Sly and the Family Stone – “Family affair”

His new EP just dropped last week.
Download the new “James EP” via Beatport or Juno

Everytrack on this EP is FIRE! DJ’s will be playing out these tunes in every club from L.A. to Paris! if you would like to hear a teaser MMMix of the James EP check out our review and post HERE!

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Happy Valentines Day Bonus!
Cryda Luv – Valentine [YSI]

We are lovin the Disco Valentine that Frenchmen Cryda Luv has delivered. Be sure to check out Cryda Luv’s Facebook and Myspace to give him some back some love!

-Mike Woodward

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