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On Repeat: MVSEVM – French Jeans

TiltAdmin on February 5, 2010 - 5:22 pm in Uncategorized

Our friends over at Discobelle have been busy. They have just recently dropped a new release from MVSEVM that we are totally eating up. The single “French Jeans” first caught our attention because the original track was remixed and rinsed out by one of our favorite groups DADA LIFE who we have posted before on TILT.(Check out our Dada posts here and here) These guys seriously have a crispy, heavy electro sound that dominates. After hearing the remix over a good twenty times plus I still couldn’t get enough of it. Driving the L.A. Freeways with that remix coming through the speakers makes the driving a in L.A. not so bad. PARTY IN THE CAR WOOO! Makes for some great after-party music!

I loved the remix so much I decided to give the original a fair shot. Usually if I dig a remix, and I’m way into it, the original lets me down, but not with this song! MVSEVM’s original totally has a smoothed out, melodic, and sexy style to it. I can def see the ladies being more into the original for sure! This is a win=win situation for everyone. We can’t wait to see what Discobelle and MVSEVM have next for us! Now after all this hype, here it is! A really good song to start your 2010 off to!

MVSEVM – French Jeans [YSI]

MVSEVM – French Jeans (DADA Life Remix) [YSI]

Be sure to check out the MVSEVM myspace to check out some of their other songs of the EP and give them some love!

“MVSEVM – Techno retirees strike back with a dose of cheesy keys & firm beats to make everything fresh again!”


-Mike Woodward

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