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White Noise Vs. Black Noise

TiltAdmin on February 3, 2010 - 7:13 am in Uncategorized

Hailing in from the UK we have Indie-Pop group Viewer with their single “White Noise”, released late 2009. My first impressions while listening to this track may have been slightly withdrawn, didnt seem like something I would necessarily like. Well ive now listened to this track just about as many times as I could click repeat and I have to say this jam really grows on you. A.B. Johnson’s slurred lyrics with Tim Wrights progressive bassline really click and its fair to say that I will be watching Viewer closely as they plan to have a full album out sometime this year. You can pick up a digital copy of “White Noise” here, and follow any updates on duo through their label STOP/START. Ide also like to thank the anonymous TILT reader whom recommended Viewer, love them!

Up next is Black Noise (UK) from Southern Fried Records, so you should instantly assume one thing: They bring it big. Their new single “Jackin My Fresh” ft. Lex One is monstrous and bassy. Without a doubt you’ll love them as much as we do, and I can’t wait to see what else these guys have planned for this year – So far they’re off to a heavy start. Check out their new single and some bonus tracks from their 2010 mixtape after the video, and their track listing at Beatport to download all of these mp3s in higher quality.

Black Noise – Jackin My Fresh Feat. Lex One [YSI]
Black Noise – Jungle Iz Em [YSI]
Black Noise – Knock You Out [YSI]

– Vasili

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