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Featured Artist: LAZER SWORD

TiltAdmin on March 31, 2010 - 12:30 am in Featured

I first heard Lazer Sword about 3 years ago and its been great watching this great production duo from SF doin their thang and doing it right! Low Limit and Lando Kal of Lazer Sword may be new to some of you but it won’t be for most. They are well known in L.A. to SF and they have grown in reputation as being one of the heaviest groups in their genre, dropping HUGE basslines and perfectly timed out glitches. I’ve heard from very close friends of ours that they put on an incredible live show. They definitely represent the West Coast the right way. They are touring the U.S. this spring and through the summer! We can’t wait for Lazer Sword to hit L.A. with some big beats this summer!

Here’s a jam off their newly released album that we have been playing all weekend. It has a serious Disco/Glitch/Funk vibe, It’s like Breakbot took some acid and cranked this one out…but its not him! IT’S LAZER SWORD BITCHES! Get with this new shit! HA! Buy their new tunes here!

Hovatron – Gold Star Radiation (Lando Kal remix) by LAZER SWORD

Here are a few of our classic favorites from them! You’ll love it if your into some Glitch/Hood Shit. Great shit to DJ and Dance to! Peep the youtube video for some fresh new moves. Yup, you just got served…

Low Limit – Where You Been 7.0 by LAZER SWORD

Hugg & Pepp – Penguini (Lando Kal Edit) by LAZER SWORD


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