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Mixtape Monday Featuring Ladycreme

TiltAdmin on March 1, 2010 - 5:00 pm in TiltMag Mixtape Series

We have had our eyes on Ladycreme for the past 3-4 years, maybe even longer. I originally picked up a few of their tracks because I liked the Ladytron/Disco/Retro feel they were producing. I recently hit them up to see how they were doing and to see if they would do a Mixtape/Interview for us and they totally came through!

Ladycréme –Knuckle Sandwich – February 2010

strip steve – am/fm
zort – mambo poa martino (ben mono remix)
alex metric – discotron
dangerous dan – the ritz
lady gaga ft. beyonce – telephone (crookers remix)
bobmo – turn on cop out
dre skull – i want you (alex gopher remix)
boys noise – transmission (djedtronic remix)
the gossip – love long distanct (fake blood remix)
wolfgang gartner – undertaker
dirty disco youth – shuffle (streetlife djs remix)
sidney samson ft. lady bee – shut up & let it go (chuckie remix)
santiago & bushido ft. colette – make me feel
ghosts of venice – i learned from the best (penny for the dj remix)
hystereo – cityspeak
dragonette – pick up the phone (michael van she remix)


TILT: How long have you been making music?

Ladycreme: We’ve been djing and producing music as Ladycréme since 2004.

TILT: Is Ladycreme just a one person deal or do u have multiple members.?

LC: We’re two guys, Keith and Neil. We’re also married.

TILT: What event or concert really inspired you?

LC: Seeing Fisherspooner live back in 2002 at Irving Plaza was pretty amazing. Casey Spooner spat chocloate syrup all over us both. Also, Daft Punk in Coney Island on their last tour was unforgettable. So many happy people in one place, dancing like crazy.

TILT: Do you regularly frequent Discoteks in NYC? if so what are some of your favs.

LC: Not too much, but we have been fortunate to attend a few of David Mancuso’s Love Saves the Day parties. They’re always fun and inspiring, and it’s amazing that they’ve been doing it for 40 years. There’s also a weekly outdoor party in the summer called “Sunday Best” that’s always fun and close to where we live in Brooklyn. Our friend Bethany (also a great disco DJ) is a resident at a monthly party called “Kiss & Tell” also in Brooklyn that is dangerously fun for a weeknight.

TILT: Booze, Beer or other?
LC: yes, yes and …

TILT: Do you frequent Roller Derbys or Strip Joints?

LC: nope

TILT: Where can New yorkers catch you playing?
LC: We’ve on a bit of a hiatus from playing out. We’re currently “in the studio” working on new tracks, and in the meantime we’re recording mixes. But we’re always looking for gigs.

TILT: Why Ladycreme? why did u choose that name and how did it come about?
LC: Female ejaculate is funny I guess. But we classed it up by spelling
it the French way.

TILT: What are your top 10 albums or singles that changed you?


I-F’s Mixed up in the Hague vol.1 (a revelation!)
Yoko Ono – Walking on thin Ice
Munich machine – It’s For You
Cerrone – Supernature
Adult. – Night Life
Blackstrobe – Innerstrings
Fischerspooner – Emerge
Tiga & Zyntherius – Sunglasses at Night
Giorgio Moroder – E=MC2
Vitalic – Poney EP

Ladycreme – Run [YSI]

Check out the newest Ladycreme Music Video and Mp3 Single (320kbps) above, also be sure to check out other singles and mixes on their Soundcloud, Facebook or Myspace,

Here is one more of Ladycreme’s newest singles!


Ladycreme – Diamonds (Radio Edit) [YSI]

Be sure to swoop this one up, and we’ll be sure to keep you updated on their future projects. This duo is some straight fire from NY! We’ll expect to see some big moves from them.



-Mike Woodward

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