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Rising Producers – UNIVERSE & I AM NOXIOUS

TiltAdmin on March 26, 2010 - 6:30 am in Uncategorized

I’m always looking for good producers that have yet to be discovered. I have found some really good producers that I would like to share with you that are about to break. TILT setting the trends once again.

Up first we have Aussie Producer Universe. I’ve done some extensive research on this new producer and it seems that no one knows who the hell Universe is. It’s a mystery and it is rumored that Universe is an experienced producer that wants to stay anonymous. All I know is that this remix is HUGE and Universe holds exclusive rights to remix this incredible song! Keeping in line with the styles of Treasure Fingers and Classixx, we can’t wait to hear more tunes from Universe! What will the Universe hold for us!?

Miami Horror – Sometimes (Universe Remix)

Bonus! Miami Horror – Illumination

Another producer that I have really been feeling lately is I AM NOXIOUS of London. He has such a HUGE Dreamwave sound! His production is very clean and mixed with his vocals he’s bound to charm more then just me. His songs have a very UK Pop sound with a touch of Spacey Dreamwave. I expect to see I AM NOXIOUS in the UK Synth Pop charts in the very near future.

I AM NOXIOUS – Left & Right

I AM NOXIOUS – Stranded On Love

-Mike Woodward

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