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Coachella 2010 Top 5 Acts!

TiltAdmin on April 24, 2010 - 10:04 pm in Featured, Nightlife

Drum roll please! It’s taken me a few days to recover from Coachella. Sunburns, and tired legs didn’t keep me from taking on the event to the fullest! Unfortunately I missed the 1st day friday, but I still feel like I got more then a great weekend. The days are usually so packed full of artists its hard to see them all at the same time. Many artists over lap and are in different tents. Fine by me because once I find a good performance I’m not going anywhere. You can usually tell within the first, two or three songs if its one not to be missed.

The 1st artist of Saturday that did that to me was Craze & Klever. This tag team, and 4×4 duo rocked Coachella with 4 turntables. Throwing down every jam in the book. These are two talented DJ’s who know how to get the party started right! Sick cuts, scratches, and some HEAVY BASS! I was all about them till the ATL Rappers came out. They came with sick beats (I’m sure made by Craze & Klever) and had sick rap styles, but I wasn’t feeling it that much. I just wanted to dance. Craze & Klever are #5 of my fav top five of Coachella! At the end of the set we decided to hit The XX!

Photo by Jason Persse

I had high expectations for The XX and they totally exceeded them! They are a perfect band to watch on a hot Spring day. So melodic and sexy! Almost to sexy for Coachella! HA! During there set the band mentioned the roof is on fire and it literary was! Durring Coheed and Cumbotia set on the main stage, the roof somehow caught fire! Thanks to the fast acting Coachella Stage hands it didnt get out of control and the show went on. The XX is #4 of my top 5 of Coachella picks.

After a chill set by The XX we hit the Dance tent once again. I gotta say im proud to be one of the 15,000 people enjoying BASSNECTAR! Oh man! He was working those subs to the MAX! Mixing up Glitch/Dubstep and Drum N Bass he had the whole tent with their hands in the air, jumping. Even out side the tent you could see people were trying to get in to witness the fitness! The best moment of his set is when he busted The Pixes Remix of “Where is My Mind” and everyone was chanting and harmonizing with the song. In my top five, Bassnectar places #2 with his performance. He almost hit number one with his set. All I gotta say is I cannot wait to see him again.

Photo by Stephen Zschoche

After watching Bassnectar go at it I was concerned for who ever was going on next. He would be a tough act to follow but Kaskade TOTALLY took on the challenge and totally owned it! I kept on hoping Deadmau5 would come out to do “I Remember” with him but no go. He did come equip with huge ballons the size of my Mini Cooper and let them loose on the crowd. Good Times! Kaskade ranks #3 in my top five.

Now for my NUMBER ONE PICK OF COACHELLA! Don’t hate everyone, I could have chosen, Phoenix, Gorillaz, or Flying Lotus (who killed it and is prolly tied for 5th place) but I can’t do that. I just can’t, because MIIIKE SNOW was hands down the BEST live act to see at Coachella! TaI think alk about a band who knows how to get people moving! lot of people were surprised that Miike Snow is not one person but FIVE! I have not seen such an exciting live show since I saw The Presets performance. This band will be doing HUGE things. The lighting and clear vocals teamed up with precision musicianship brings this band to that whole new level. Can’t wait to see them in June at The Henry Fonda aka The Music Box in Hollywood with that huge 2oft x 40ft LED! BOOM!

Happy Coachella everyone and thanks for giving me props all day for my Captain EO tee shirt! *Thanks to Jacob for hooking that up!

Some Coachella goodies for you!

Miike Snow – Black and Blue

Flying Lotus – …And the World Laughs With You (feat. Thom Yorke)

Kaskade (featuring Dragonette) – Fire In Your New Shoes

The xx – Night Time (What Kind of Breeze Do You Blow Extended Edit)

-Mike Woodward

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  • April 26, 2010

    i completely forgot everybody else the ones i do remember were probably the best performancesso im glad bassnectar and kaskade wereup there….thanksfor opening up my eyes mikey…next year ill be more prepared

    jesse the comethru kid
  • April 26, 2010

    miike snow at the Music Box is gonna be sick

  • April 27, 2010

    kaskade did hold it down.. ha and that pic was taken by my friend..if you know him im a close bussy of his check us out…NewModernMusic.com