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New Music Video and Single by Pase Rock

TiltAdmin on April 15, 2010 - 5:00 pm in Uncategorized

I’m not sure if all you know but Pase Rock is one of my favorite producers from L.A.! I only needed to hear “I’m So Fucking Disco” one time before I knew this guys was on some next level shit. That song and “Lindsey Lohan” really marked a milestone in dance music. Witty, Sharp, and Fun Dance Music!? What a concept! That shit caught Los Angeles dancefloors on fire back in 2007.

Pase Rock – So Fucking Disco

We are excited that Pase Rock has dropped a new Single and a New Music video to go with it. Once again he has done a great job of showing of his great musical talents and flexes his great taste in asian women. He really knows how to pick em! Hot women in dance videos always get me. It seems so much more proper then hot women in Hip Hop videos, not as degrading I guess.

Pase Rock – Nights

Pase Rock – Nights (Nadastorm Remix)

We also have to give Nadastorm mad love for rockin the remix correct! If you love true bangers with a ton of bass and your into that proper heavy electro shit, this is the jam of the week for you! Get that shit!

Mike Woodward

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