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Mixtape Monday Sunburned Edition

TiltAdmin on May 3, 2010 - 9:23 pm in Uncategorized
Moullinex and Xinobi’s first Patron Shots!

I hate to toot my own horn and bang my own drum, BUT FRIDAY WAS AMAZING! Probably my favorite TILT ever! Every performance was sooo on point! Short Circuit totally busted us a solid dose of Dreamwave // Killed By Synth got the dancefloor poppin’! // Keenhouse set the tone and had everyone dancing and chanting his songs // Keith Masters and Nogrady came with sick raps and Futurecop Beats // FUTURECOP! owned the night and came correct with keytars and 80’s synths, had everyone in the house jumping so much you thought they were playing Kris Kross’ “Jump Jump” // AND MOULLINEX AND XINOBI ENDED THE NIGHT WITH MADD LAZERS, PINEAPPLES PUMPING IN THE AIR, AND SOME SIIIICK DISCO BEATS! BOOM!

Thanks for everyone who made it out! Man, it was a packed house and def one of the best TILT Concerts to date!

After all that hard partying, Saturday and Sunday it was time for some fun in the California Sun. I hit the beach the next day and enjoyed a few slower tunes and a sick ass mix from Moullinex!

This mix is great for soaking up some rays and having a few drinks by the ocean. You’ll love this one, or your money back!

Moullinex White Light Mixtape

Here’s three songs that have to be owning my Sunny Spring Weekends

Moullinex – Lover In Me

Popular Computer – Lost & Found (Osawa Remix)

The Flashmen – As The Night Rolls On (Nightwaves Remix)

Be sure to check out our awesome live concert photos from Youngandsleek and also his photobooth photos here!

Mike Woodward

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