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Sunday Dubs #5 Featuring High Tone

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Proving to the world that music is a universal language High Tone of France brings some of the best new Dub Music I’ve heard in a long time. They have been reigning over Europe and France since 1997. These great musicians take the original dub sound and add their influences of Euro-Dance, Dubstep, Drum N Bass and Oriental Music without straying to far from the original Dub Sound. I really think its incredible how Dub Music from Jamaica has spread its seed and how much it is loved in other countries such as France to Ireland. It just shows that good music prevails and our hearts all beat to the same drum.

The group is made from 5 members
Julien Oresta a.k.a Aku Fen Guitar
Fabrice Oresta Bass Guitar
Dominique Peter a.k.a Selekta DINO Drums
Lionel Dumas (photo shown above) a.k.a. Dj Twelve Sample & turntable
Antonin Chaplin a.k.a Antok Keyboard
and the crew seems to be expanding, or maybe have extended family.

High Tone is now considered as major actors in the French Dub Scene and creator of a new branch of dub music: Novo Dub. This band has a very unique sound and we’ll be hearing alot more from them in the very near future. They just released a new album in May called “Out Back” on the Jarring Effects record label. The new album has strong Dubstep influence but I tend to love their older albums with tracks like this…

Be sure support our French friends and pick up one of many High Tone Albums HERE! If you love Dubstep and Dub Music they won’t let you down!

From the album Dub Invaders

Dub Invaders – Flaba Stone – Babylon Game Over

Dub Invaders – Natural High – Kotostep

DJ Twelve 2010 Dub Promo Mix

You betta set your pretty coffen where you like, cause if you test the champion man your goin to die tonight – Unknown

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