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Featured Artist: Fabian

TiltAdmin on June 23, 2010 - 9:54 pm in Featured

One of our favorite Los Angeles producers, Fabian, has been busy in the studio and killing with some awesome live performances and with his side project LexiconDon. I’ve been lucky enough to see him perform a few times and I have to say he has some of the cleanest productions that I’ve ever heard come from L.A.. He knows how to bridge his harder Electro style and Chillwave style with ease. He definitely knows how to read a crowd and always gives them what they want. Fabian’s style is very prevalent in LexiconDon’s production. I’ve heard a few of the new tracks that LexiconDon will be coming out with in the fall and I have to say everyone is in for a huge treat. I can’t wait for this album to drop!

We want to get you familiar with Fabian so we asked him to do a short interview with us.

TILTmag: Most of our TILT fans know of you and have seen you perform @ TILT Concerts with Thunderheist, Franki Chan, Neon Indian, and others. Out of the shows you have played at TILT what one was your fav and why?

Fabian: My favorite TILT show would have to be the Thunderheist show. It’s too bad they broke up, they put on a great show. 

TILTmag: OH!? I heard they are back together? Maybe not? We’ll find out for everyone soon.TILTmag: What got you into producing dance music and how did it come that Binary picked you up?

Fabian: Well, I used to produce mostly hip hop stuff, then slowly merged into more “Poppy” type of production with Alex. I think it was ‘SWMG’ that turned Josh and Kyle to ask Alex and I to be part of Binary.TILTmag:What your top favorite tunes that you have worked on?

Fabian: My favorite tunes that I’ve worked on are “Heatwave” and “Student Body” by LexiconDon.TILTmag: What are a few artists that you would like to work with or plan to work with or remix?

Fabian: I would love to work with Martina Sarbara. I think she has an amazing and unique voice. I always dreamed of working with the Neptunes. I was a fan of their clean dance pop production. I am always looking for new stuff to remix. Something in the song has to poke out at me for me take interest in remixing it.TILTmag: Who jump-started your musical heart and what songs influenced your production style?

Fabian: I always was into dance music, since I was in like middle school. Then in high school got into Dj’ing, which the turned into producing hip hop in like 02′. Hip hop was way bigger then, than it is now. Dr. Dre, Neptunes, Timbaland, Just Blaze are just a few producers who have influenced my production, to this day.TILTmag:We know you are a big part of LexiconDon. We love your Live and DJ sets! What plans do you have for that project?

Fabian: Well, we are about to release ‘Pink + Blue’, our debut album and we are looking at late August for the release. Look out for shows and festivals that are planned for this summer.TILTmag: What do you love most about Alex Koons, LexiconDons Lead Singer?

Fabian: His charisma. That is one of the big reasons why we became a band, on my end. I can work on a track, send it to him, he puts an awesome hook on it, and boom, there it is.TILTmag: Would you ever consider dressing up like Kid N Play or CrissCross with your partner Alex for Halloween and covering some 90’s Hip Hop for a TILT Show?

Fabian: Haha. All day we’ll make you ‘Jump! Jump!’TILTmag: Please give us your 5 favorite 90’s tunes-

Fabian: Thats a tough one. Ummm…..
Arrested Development – Tennessee
Dr. Dre – Nothing But A G Thang
R. Kelly – Your Bodys Callin’ Me
Blackstreet – No Diggity
Mark Morrison – Return of the Mack
Just to name a few.
TILTmag: Please give us your current top 5 songs-
Drake – Over
Volta Cab – Clarissa
Two Door Cinema – Something Good Can Work
Dragonette – Pick Up the Phone [Arithmatix Remix]
FutureCop [ft. Keenhouse] – Dreams
TILTmag: How much of a role did 8-bit video games and pinball games play in your life.
Fabian: I was definitely a Nintendo head. Tecmo Bowl, Double Dribble and Double Dragon were my shit. Then video games just got wack after that.TILTmag: What has been your most favorite moment of 2010 so far?

Fabian: SXSW. We had an amazing time. Austin is an awesome city for independent music. [If you didn’t know]TILTmag: When can we see you perform next and where?

Fabian: I have a dj set coming up July 11th, at the ‘Purple Lounge’, at ‘The Standard’, in West Hollywood. I have a few more this summer in LA as well. Check my Facebook and Tweets for those dates.Los Angeles, be sure you check out Fabian live or you can catch him performing with LexiconDon. You’ll thank us later! Now for a few new tracks that Fabian has given us to share with you. Just a little taste of what Fabian has been up to. We made sure they were 320 kbps so they are super DJ Friendly!

Pony Pony Run Run – Walking On A Line (Fabian Remix)

Oh Shit! & Night Drugs – Everybody Needs (Fabian Remix)

Fred Falke – Back to Stay (Fabian Remix)

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