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Ladies Choice: Bang Bang Bang by Mark Ronson and The Business INTL

TiltAdmin on June 15, 2010 - 3:24 pm in Uncategorized

Mark Ronson + Q-Tip + MNDR are killing it with this new track “Bang Bang Bang” off his upcoming album. I first heard about MNDR aka Amanda Warner through my girl White Lightning’s blog. MNDR is one talented artist and a fun chick to watch. SHE IS BLOWING UP! That hunkomang Mark Ronson made a wise dream team collaboration with this song. Q-TIP! HALLOW ARE YOU KIDDING ME. This is on repeat all week!

The video is taking us to OUTER LIMITS. In the beginning and throughout the song, they reference a French nursery song I used to sing as a kid called “Alouette” (also the name of a delicious spreadable cheese.) I showed the vid to Mike and his reaction was (and I quote) “ITS LIKE HOWARD THE DUCK MEETS VOLTRON MEETS TRON MEETS TILT SPACE DISCO~! MEETS SPACE CAT!” Pardon us we are just geeking out over here.

Cannot wait to hear more of the new Ronson album (due out this fall) and more MNDR! We have our eye on you!

Mark Ronson and the Business INTL – Bang Bang Bang

MNDR – Fade to Black

MNDR – I Go Away

Marie aka Agent Lover

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  • June 18, 2010


    50s girl-group inspired songs about crossdresser Candy set to the music of the Velvet Underground. A lo-fi I-Love-You on Novofauve. I think you might enjoy.


    Kiss, Cut, Kill,