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Battle of the 80’s Hair Video’s

TiltAdmin on July 29, 2010 - 7:02 pm in Uncategorized

Many people hate but 80’s hair has always been an amazing thing in my book. We’ve been hit with some sick new videos from our friends Jamaica & Grum. These are an awesome throwback to the classic 80’s vibe and an excellent homage to good 80’s hair. Our own Agent Lover said Grum’s Video is “80’s Miami Vice Homoerotic Cop Hair versus Jamaica’s 80’s Heavy Metal Hair.” Let the battle begin! Both tunes are HUGE but are they as huge as the hair that is shown in their videos!? You be the judge!

Get that 80’s Hair READY! Jamaica will be playing TILT October 15th @ The Echoplex in Los Angeles! A 100% live show! We can’t wait!

Through The Night (Grum Club Mix)

Another hot new track from Grum!
Human Life – Wherever We Are (Grum Remix) PREVIEW
*Taken down by request of the artist. SORRY! You missed out!
We will post the 320 version as soon as the single is released.

JAMAICA – ‘Short and Entertaining’ VIDEO

Jamaica – Short and Entertaining

Mike Woodward

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