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DJ Fresh – Gold Dust

TiltAdmin on August 5, 2010 - 3:00 pm in Uncategorized

DJ Fresh has been rockin my speakers since before his album Bass Invaders dropped back in 2005. I actually went to that record release for that back in 05. Bassrush put that on back in the day at the Vanguard. Back when it was called Q-Topia. HA! Those where the days. Big Funktion Speakers back then were a big deal, and with booming Drum N Bass/Jungle at it’s peak back then, it made for a really good party. Anyways, DJ Fresh knows how to put on a killer show, and is one of my favorite Drum N Bass Producers. He started in the production group Bad Company and now only does solo work for the most part. His popular album Escape from Planet Monday made it really big back in 2006 and now he’s back in a big way! Bridging the Electro and Dubstep sound with Drum N Bass. Coming with those huge buildups and breakdowns not to mention mega BASS! Here is the new video just recently released.

DJ FRESH – Gold Dust

His album Kryptonite will be dropping Aug 16th so be ready! You can Preview the new album Kryptonite here! I’ve been waiting for Fresh to drop a new album for awhile now! I can’t wait for Fresh to take on the world for bass supremacy again! Let me give you a taste of some of his old stuff so you know what your in for! Pick up his full albums at 320kbps HERE! Also be sure to check out Dogs On Acid a music community and website to stay updated on some great music. Enjoy!

DJ Fresh – Factory

DJ Fresh – Submarines

Mike Woodward

P.S. – Bassrush, if your listening, bring DJ Fresh to the Vanguard. One more time…?

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