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Dubstep Takeover w/ Caspa // WTF!? // Noisa // Excision // Datsik

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As our own Bobby Bustle put it:
“Dear Hip-Hop, We’ve shared lots of good times over the years and well, excuse the pun but I don’t want to end this on a bad note. The thing is, there is someone else. Some one who excites me and makes everything feel brand new. What’s her name you ask? Now don’t go all stalker on her but her name is Dubstep and I think I love her.”

No Holds Barred ft Noisia (Excision Rmx) by NeverSayDieRecords

Well put my man. There is no doubt that Dubstep has been making some huge moves. The 1st pop move they it did was Snoop Dogg Rapping on a Chase & Status track almost 2 years back. Now it seams that it has evolved into this Dubstep Monster. Flipping and switching Basslines like nothing! Then adding raps and Wobbles, Braapps, and tech glitchs. I am all about it. Dubstep is taking on many forms and styles so you know we are in for a long ride. It’s great to watch a blossoming genera grow and take dance and DJ culture to a whole new level of greatness. The Basslines are straight addicting. When I have a day where I don’t feel like mellowing out, or groovin, I can always rely on Dubstep to come hard with the basslines and work my subs propa! Here are some songs that have recently caught my attention. “Guess I got my Swagga back…”

Excision & Datsik – Swagga by Datsik

WTF!? – It’s Bigger Than Hip Hop by Outpost Music PR

Ludacris – How Low – CASPA REMIX by Mercury Records

DJ FRESH -09 – Fight by TILTLA

Artist Links: Noisa // Excision // Datsik // Foreighn Beggars // Caspa // DJ FRESH // Adam F // Ludacris

Please support these artist and buy their shit. Don’t trip! When you support it will help everyone see how far they can push the sound!

If you live in L.A. don’t fucking miss this. RSVP here. LOOK AT THAT LINE UP! PLUS… I heard the special guest is going to be HUGE! It’s all that needs to be said. Nothing but love and RESPECT to the Smog Crew!

Mike Woodward

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