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Hey Champ Neverest Remixes

TiltAdmin on August 23, 2010 - 8:41 pm in Uncategorized

We have some brand spankin new remixes for ya hot off the new album from Hey Champ. The Single Neverest is amazing, though i’m not a huge fan of video shown below, but these remixes are totally bad ass. Our boys from Brazil Database put their own spin on this track giving it new life and turning this track into Disco fire for the dancefloor. I’m a big fan of the Treasure Fingers new remix of the track as well. It’s a little more smoothed out and sexy but definitely get the job done. Gettin the ladies all hot and bothered with these two. Remember who’s your daddy! HA! Be sure to pick up the new Hey Champ album Star here!

Hey Champ – Neverest (Database Remix)

Hey Champ – Neverest (Treasure Fingers)

Mike Woodward

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