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Interview With Elizabeth Harper From Class Actress

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photo by Sarah Forbes Keough

When Class Actress performed for our TILT Summer Concert Series, I had a girl talk sesh with the lovely and down-to-earth Elizabeth Harper. We chatted about the usual ladytopics: sex, Prince, broken-hearted inspiration, and Jami Gertz’ style in Less Than Zero. I also found out she grew up in southern California and we share a mutual appreciation for 90’s rap and R&B! Checkout my Q&A with this incredible lady…

Your music is very romantic and sexy…who do you think about when you write your songs?

Well I am usually always thinking about romance and sex. Isn’t everyone? Or do I have preternatural obsession with desire? I’m not sure. So I think about the most recent “situation” and channel that.

How many times have you had your heart broken?

At least once a week. My imagination is almost like a separate person than myself, so in my mind i can imagine all sorts of fantastic things happening, even though I don’t chase anyone, ever… and then when they aren’t chasing me I’m quite devastated. So perhaps my heartbreak is more of the heartsick variety.

What 80’s bands inspire you?

Depeche Mode, 80-s Madonna, New Order, Tom Tom Club I could go on and on….

I’m obsessed with Purple Rain…please share your thoughts on Prince and Apollonia!

Ow! I love them both! I was recently freaking out over this Shelia E album cover for The Glamorous Life. But Vanity is my girl. No one is sexier than her.

Which other artists have you been listening to a lot lately?

Washed Out.

Who would you love to work with someday?


What are your five current obsessions?

Long diamond earrings, shredded T-shirts, a good chilled red wine, whoever is not calling me, and the 88 Mercedes SL convertible.

Do you collect anything?

Lovers and synths.

Who are your style icons?

Right now I’m into a look that’s part Prince era Shelia E., part 90’s sepia tone Armani catalogue.

If this was New Year’s Eve in 1989, what would your outfit be like?

Some sort of sexy fitted tuxedo, think the NYE Palm Springs scene in the film Less than Zero “Blair wheres your tux?” (friends nose starts to bleed) “Oh sorry, rusty pipes.”

What’s next in the world of Class Actress?

There is a lot in the pipeline. A full length that is yet to be titled and some other fun adventures…

Class Actress – All The Saints
Class Actress – Someone Real
CANT – Ghosts (Class Actress Remix)

– Marie aka Agent Lover

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