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Old Skool Dance Parties… Never Wack!

TiltAdmin on August 17, 2010 - 6:05 pm in Uncategorized

The 90’s were a very special time for us people in our late 20’s and early 30’s. All the old 90’s Cops episodes represent that time in the right light. Acid Wash tight jeans, non hoodie Adidas sweaters , and fucked up hair cuts. It was a time of discovery, puberty and when white people almost had there groove goin. Here are a few songs and videos that bring me back to those magical times. Back when hot chicks hated bottle cap glasses, but made up for it by wearing spandex. The 90’s remind Agent Lover about the 1st time a boy grabbed her boob. It reminds me of building a vert ramp and doing jumps off it with my Huffy Bike and getting my Hypercolor shirt all sweaty. Man, I miss my Hypercolor shirt. Maybe I should have Hypercolor be a permanent sponsor of TILT?

Bruce Haack – Party Machine (Prince Language’s Afterparty Edit)

Bruce Haack, ANTI-WACK! Nothing but love for my man Arabian Prince. If you dig this jam peep game! Let’s Hit The Beach!

Arabian Prince+ – +Lets Hit The Beach (CX Kidtronik Remix)

Camaro Kids – How Many Times
MP3 link coming soon!

Thanks to my man Manzur of Futurecop! for showing me Camaro Kids!
Artist links – Arabian PrinceBruce HaackCX Kidtronik

Mike Woodward


Coming soon! A little teaser for you from Justin Faust!


Lifelike+-+Love Emulator (Original Mix)

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