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From The Hood To The Streets: Featuring Dam-Funk and King Fantastic

TiltAdmin on September 30, 2010 - 2:35 pm in Uncategorized

There are few still around that haven’t been played the fuck out that rep the hood right. Many new rappers and producers are not coming correct. Many flex too hard and forget to come with that bounce and old skool vibe. Dam-Funk embodies the bounce & the right way to stay hard. By staying true to the style. By keepin the Hood Pass Intact. I’m totally givin a shot out on this one to the 805, 213, and 310. I’ll never forget where i’m from, Oxnard and I have nothing but love for my hipsters and hommies on the eastside in echopark. Thank you for all the love and success you have given us and TILT at the Echoplex. We know how to tear shit up together. This ones for you.

Dam-Funk: Hood Pass Intact feat. MC Eiht by stonesthrow

If your going to flex hard you have to come with that new shit. That new steez. Get off that wack shit. I first heard this tune yesterday. This beat hit me hard and King Fantastic is golden on the mic. His vocals match up with this beat perfectly and ride that shit out. Just in case you all forgot “I’ll go to hell before I fuck my brand up.” a little reminder for the few that want to hate. Don’t trip. The beat on this track is so sick. Nothing but love for King Fantastic here.

Why? Where? What? by kingfantastic

Mike Woodward

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