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Our Top 6 Favorite Rusko Tracks

TiltAdmin on September 14, 2010 - 3:56 pm in Uncategorized

Rusko, the King of Dubstep has been working the speakers here at the TILT HQ. Since we picked up his last album OMG we have been hooked on his intense bassline wobbles, funky buildups and huge breakdown synths. Rusko’s tracks can make one feel fresh wobble by wobble. His style takes every aspect of dance music and mashes it all up into one style. Its genius in my book. It’s just the next step in Dance Music evolution and an incredible step in the right direction. He never comes to hard, always comes funky fresh, and he will always have that head bobbin. From his remixes to his originals we can’t get enough of this guy. I’ve picked up every Rusko album and record I could and I keep on getting floored by this kids style. I’ve selected my top 6 Rusko songs that you should know. The one’s that have been on repeat and will be forever classics.

#6 TIE!

Rusko Feat. Amber Coffman – Hold On

Rusko – Cockney Thug

#5 – Rusko – Hammertime

#4 – Rusko – Get Down Low

#3 – Rusko – Love Is Real

#2 – Rusko – My Mouth

#1 – Mr. Hudson – White Lies (Rusko’s Euphoria Mix)

Be sure to give Rusko some love on his Facebook or Twitter. To support #TeamRusko Sport these bad ass new tee’s up on his merch site here. The limited edition WTFU is our fav!

Mike Woodward

Fusion – Feelings (1994)

Old Skool Bonus!

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  • September 27, 2010

    dope tracks this was my first time listening to rusko’s White Lies mix supper Ill song thank you for the experience of this song! it has made my night i cant help but to play that song over and over again! loving the sight and keep up the great posts!
    -Let It Flow

  • July 9, 2011

    In my personal opinion, My favourite Rusko song has to be his Pro Nails remix.