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Bag Raiders – Way Back Home & New NightWaves Remix of Walter Sobcek

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Our Auzzie freinds the Bag Raiders have released their brand new self-titled album and I gotta say I feel this is a real milestones for Australian Dance Music. Every single track on this album is GOLDEN! We knew these guys were going to be a big hit when we first heard Shooting Star the HUGE hit from Bag Raiders. I’m totally stoked they kept with that style and sound direction with the album as a whole. Very pleased to give you this one. The Bag Raiders totally follow the success of Auzzie bands like Cut Copy, The Presets and Miami Horror.

Bag Raiders – Way Back Home

Bag Raiders – Way Back Home (Harvard Bass Remix)


Bag Raiders- Sunlight

If you looking for something a little more french, a bit more smoothed out, and a song you can play while you and your girl are on the beach, rolling around in the sand. Then this next remix is for you. NightWaves knows how to take on styles like these and it seams almost to damn easy for them to do so. I don’t understand a word that Walter Sobcek is saying (I don’t speak french but wish I did) but you can tell by the production its something really intense and romantic. Making the ladies hearts skip a beat. I dare you to put on this song on a the long night drives home. You will be guaranteed to get some sort of loving response from your girl. Enjoy!

JE ME SOUVIENS (NightWaves remix) by waltersobcek

Support Walter Sobcek and be sure to give him some love on his Facebook here and be sure to keep your eye on this guy. He is sure to get very popular with his Dreamy French sound! Check out his Music Videos and other work.

TRACI S PARTY DEMO by waltersobcek

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