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Gemini Club – Ghost Remixes by Hey Champ! & Midnight Conspiracy

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As Halloween creeps closer and closer… As TNUC gets me all amped for the vintage horror movies for one of my favorite holidays… A few songs come to mind. I know that I will be playing these tunes a lot this weekend and next skurry weekend for the witches, goblin’s and ghouls. I have to give it up to Gemini Club for their killer new single Ghost (Properly named for the holidays) The lyrics describe a moment of a young gentleman’s life where he spots a woman who either looks like his ex-girlfriend or is his ex-girlfriend. He then explains how the girl as being dead to him. Also probably scaring the shit out of him. HA! I think every man and or woman in his or her life has had that moment. Seeing a doppelganger look alike of the old ex. It’s such a shitty feeling. Chicago has done it once again with a quality indie group with heavy synths. We at TILT are totally down.

Hey Champ! of Chicago remixed the track and smoothed it out real proper in a funky disco style. When I first heard this remix I originally thought it was the legendary Treasure Fingers on the track. Some what of a follow up to Cross The Dance Floor but to find it was our good friends from Hey Champ! it was somewhat of a pleasant surprise. I can’t wait to hear more tracks like this from them! This is probably my favorite track they have touched up since Beaches and Friends.

Gemini Club – Ghost (Hey Champ Remix) by Gemini Club

Midnight Conspiracy also turned out a remix for Gemini Club. Its a bit harder and will have your friends at your Halloween House Party with their hands in the air.

Ghost (Midnight Conspiracy Remix) by Gemini Club

Enjoy another original tune by Gemini Club as well! The Remix from Database is FIRE!

Gemini Club – Mary’s Day by Gemini Club

Gemini Club – Mary’s Day (Database Remix) by database

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