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New Music Videos from Diplo Feat Lil Jon // Designer Drugs // MotM-Diplo-Benzi Mixtape

TiltAdmin on October 27, 2010 - 6:49 am in TiltMag Mixtape Series

Diplo and Mad Decent has done it again, this time with Hip-Hop Legend and Dirty South Krunk King Lil Jon! This track is hard as fuck and the video ain’t bad as well. Been bumpi’ the South Rukkas Crew Remix lately. Very hard remix but it’s one to get the crowd pumped for sure.

Diplo & Lil’Jon – U Don’t Like Me (South Rakkas Crew Remix)

For all you DJ’s and Diplo fanatics… Pick up this sick ass picture disc vinyl here cause it’s fucken dope! Just peep this shit!

On a more chill level… along with this killer new video Diplo also just dropped a HUGE mix. This mix has to be one of my favorites this year by far! Mansions On The Moon, DJ Benzi and Diplo all on one mix, dropping epic mellow tunes. What more can you ask for! Soo SICK! Download this shit already! You’re in for 32 min of musical bliss! Just a heads up, expect big moves from this band Mansions On The Moon. We know they are going to blow up…and BIG!

Diplo & DJ Benzi Present: Mansions on the Moon – Paradise Falls by Mansions on the Moon

Glimpse of the Future (Xaphoon Jones of Chiddy Bang Remix) by Mansions on the Moon

Benzi and Diplo collaborated with N.E.R.D’s new Echo Park-based trio Mansion on the Moon to release a new mixtape titled Paradise Falls. A mixture of indie pop and trip-hop with collaborations from Deadmau5, Washed Out, Junior Boys and Mad Decent’s own DJA!


Designer Drugs
dropped a new single yesterday out on Ultra Records. Elle Rex produced and directed the sick new music video. Loving the artistic direction and visual eye candy in this video for sure. I’m also totally digging the Brooklyn-based lyricist Cerebral Vortex on the track! Triple Swagga! His raps wrap around you and have your head spinning with lyrical content that is on point! This is how all rappers should be, descriptive, ill content, backpack raps!

Designer Drugs – Through The Prism

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