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Parallels – Dry Blood Music Video // New Flux Pavillion Original & Remix

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As Halloween keeps getting closer and closer, I tend to get more into dramatic, heavy, darker synths and ghostly sounds. Recently Parallels played TILT for our 3 Year Anniversary @ The Echoplex. They sounded absolutely amazing, and one of my favorite songs “Dry Blood” really hit me hard. Parallels teamed up both of their vocals to create this futuristic yet ghostly effect on the song. This song KILLED LIVE along with the rest of their set! People who hadn’t heard of Parallels kept asking me all night who the duo was that performed with that 80’s sound. I’m very blessed to be able to bring them out to shine for L.A.! I cannot emphasize enough how amazing this band is! Parallels recently released an excellent new video for “Dry Blood”, check it after the jump.

Dry Blood by Parallels

Flux Pavillion AKA Joshua Steele first caught my attention with his remix of DJ Fresh’s hot single “Gold Dust” (Posted Here) and has really got my attention now that I’ve been able to do some digging and checked out some of his older stuff. I suggest everyone to take a gander here.

Flux Pavilion – What Are We by Flux Pavilion

I’m really digging these vibes for sure. We recently found out that he has done a remix for Jamiroquai for their new single Blue Skies. This shit is mega epic. Be sure to also check out Flux Pavillion’s new single Haunt You!” Just in time for the holidays! All you DJ’s better turn these out all Halloween Weekend! Pick up the new Jamiroquai album soon to drop on itunes here.

Jamiroquai – Blue Skies (Flux Pavilion Remix)

Flux Pavilion – Haunt You

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