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Do you like sexy lyrics in your dance music. Something real slutty for your provocative sexual lifestyle. Yea, you know what i’m talking about, something you can straight out fuck to? We’ll our man Bobby Bustle has you covered in that department! This hard hitting hot dancefloor jam will definitely get you and your juices flowing! “Touch it, Touch it, make it hot….”

EuroTrash by Bobby Bustle

If your not into X-Rated tracks but still like to dance dance dance on the dancefloor, no worries. Bobby Bustle has taken on a few other tracks and remixed them with his fresh style. Electro Figga is a track I think I heard at HARD last year. If not, I could be wrong, but it should have been played there! This song deserves a big system for this heater to blast on. Mad respect and love to Kidd Spin from the 805 for this track as well. You can catch him DJ’n on Q-104.7 in Ventura/L.A. County every morning. Truly one of the most eclectic and skilled DJ’s I know in CA. Keep it comin guys! Loving that Gorilla Zoe sample!

Kidd Spin – Electro Figga (Bobby Bustle Rmx) by Bobby Bustle

Bustles remix of Gnarls Barkley’s “Who’s Gonna Save My Soul” is a very mellow and deep version of this track. Definitely done with class. The production on this tune is soo fucking clean. Hands down one of my favorite tracks that he has done. Be sure to check out Bobby Bustles collection of Originals and Remixes on his Soundcloud here. Be sure to give him some feedback and love for his sick tunes.

Gnarls Barkley – Who’s Gonna Save My Soul (Bobby Bustle Rmx) by Bobby Bustle

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