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Cassius – I Love You So Video // Krusha Remix

TiltAdmin on November 4, 2010 - 7:07 am in Uncategorized

Since the very first time I heard and posted the Cassius tune “I Love You So” I have personally had it on repeat and have put it on every mix cd I’ve made for the car. Cassius and Ed Banger decided to make a killer music video for this tune. I’m totally dropping Verizon and jumpin on the iphone band wagon and picking up a new AT&T bill just so I can buy the “I Love You So” app for the iphone! I would be using that shit DAILY! Pick up the app here or HERE and check out the video after the jump!

Busy P & Glen Han @ HARD Halloween using the new app

Check out this really cool Dubstep remix done by Krusha! He finds a way to highlight the great parts of this track and takes us on a wobbly journey through bass. I’m totally diggin it. Interested to see more from this producer and what he can do. Add Krusha on Facebook here.

CASSIUS – I Love You So (KRUSHA Remix) by krusha

Mike Woodward

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