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Download Girl Talk’s New Album “All Day” Free

TiltAdmin on November 15, 2010 - 6:45 pm in Uncategorized

My ladyboner’s favorite mashup dj Gregg Gillis aka Girl Talk released his fifth full length album, titled All Day this morning for free! Grab it here!

It’s been two years since Feed the Animals came out, so I’m stoked to experience GG’s new seizure-making beats once I get to download All Day, ’cause right now the site is currently going cray as expected so it may take you awhile to get your hands on it!

Reliable link below! We are hosting this amazing album!

Download Girl Talk – All Day
right-click and save file


1. Oh No (05:39)
2. Let It Out (06:29)
3. That’s Right (05:23)
4. Jump on Stage (06:22)
5. This Is the Remix (06:02)
6. On and On (05:09)
7. Get It Get It (05:33)
8. Down for the Count (06:38)
9. Make Me Wanna (06:23)
10. Steady Shock (05:48)
11. Triple Double (06:28)
12. Every Day (05:11)

-Marie aka Agent Lover

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